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Joscelynne's Tent

Hi. Welcome to my Barbie Bed Tent. Mommy sells Avon so I get the neatest presents every two weeks! Come on in and see what is here!

Just days until my seventh birthday! (And since today is , then my birthday must be June 17!)

Hi, I'm Joscelynne. I'm six years old and can read what mom is typing on this page and my own typing is coming along nicely, too. I love learning. I started reading words like "moon" and "cat" when I was two and just went from there. I'm in first grade, but I go to a second-grade classroom for reading and we're working in third-grade level material right now. Math is fun, too.
On December 27, 2001 I became a big sister. Wanna see a photo of Jeremy and me from the day he was born? Mommy is going to try to keep updating this website with more recent photos. Below you see me with preschool buddies Madison and Leigha in July, 2002.

Staying with the trio theme, I give you a photo from April 8, 2004 when Claudia, Kayleigh, and I, all in the same K5 class, wore the same top on the same day quite by accident. In fact, until that day, we didn't realize the others had the same shirt!

The best way to keep up with what I'm doing is to read my webblog. But mommy hasn't added much there lately, because no one seems to be reading it (or at least, no one is commenting on it!) However, I also have photos and other usual webpage stuff in the menu below.

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The background on this page is an original. It was created from a drawing I made January 23, 2000, Mommy says it was my first time with crayons and claims I nearly ate periwinkle, but I don't believe her at all!

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