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The Slickest Trick in Diapers

Hi, I'm Jeremy. No, I'm not really typing this. When I type it looks more like this:
because I just like to play on mommy's keyboard. My big sister is the one who can type and read. She's 6 1/2 and really smart. She's teaching me to count to 20 and read all the letters of the alphabet. I can sing my alphabet and count pretty high. I play on my computer, sometimes doing second grade games and I love to play games online at some of my favorite websites.
Mommy made this site for me because she wants to show me off. Probably wants to vent, too. While I will play on the computer quietly for an hour or so, I prefer exploring. I climb anything that doesn't move and will eat anything that doesn't bite me first. Basically, I'm an action sort of guy.

It's about days until my fourth birthday! (And since today is , then my birthday must be December 27!).