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the fuse is lit
To download a skin click on the Reap Vengeance! link next to the skin of your choice. When the download window comes up, save your skin to C:/program files/yahoo!/messenger/skins/filename. The skins are all packaged in zip files, so you will need winzip.
All the links should work. To get a screenshot of the toolbar graphics, click on the skin itself. If angelfire gives you one of their lame-assed 404 errors, just hit refresh and it should show up. If you encounter any problems, typos, broken images, links, etc., please tell me about it so I can fix it.

but it's a long fuse, don't worry!

I know I don't have as many categories as Yahoo and its many imitators, but THEY don't have to hand-make the content, now do they?
Modern Technology



Learn to make your very
own Revenge Skins

submissions welcome
That means ICQ Revenge Skins

Don't feel like Reaping Vengeance? Click the palm tree --> to see another incredible, godlike messenger skin page.

wait a minute...
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maybe this fuse wasn't as long as I thought...

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