Passover dessert recipes - both traditional and non-traditional - are offered on this web page. Passover dessert recipes or Pesach dessert recipes often reflect the Jewish community where one's ancestors came from, but variations of traditional Pesach desserts and completely new Passover desserts have been created. In particular, Jewish families in North America have developed many new Passover dessert recipes - most notably the California-style dessert recipes for Passover as well as other modern or "new-age" Passover recipes from that state that are in abundance.

Passover dessert recipes are plentiful. There are traditional Pesach desserts for different Jewish cultural backgrounds, such as for Ashkenazim (Jews of Central and/or Eastern European descent), Sephardim (Jews of Spanish and/or Portuguese descent), and Mizrahim (Jews of Middle Eastern and/or Asian descent). For the religiously observant, only Kosher for Passover dessert recipes are permitted, and these desserts may vary according to the degree of religious observance, cultural and family traditions, and simply one's personal preferences that is permitted within the level of Jewish dietary laws for Passover that one observes.

Apple Crisp
Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Chocolate Mousse : Chocolate Orange Mousse
King's Cake - Torta del Re
Lemon Chiffon In Chocolate Cups
Macaroons - Sephardic-Style
Matzoh Baklava
Sponge Cake : Cocoa-Orange Sponge Cake

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