An artichoke recipe for the Passover / Pesach festival is traditionally used by Sephardim (Jews whose ancestors came from either Spain and/or Portugal). The following crispy fried artichokes recipe made in the Jewish-style also qualifies as a vegan recipe. Vegan recipes must not contain any ingredients that derive from animals or animal by-products, including poultry and fish, and the following artichoke recipe abides by that criteria.

Crispy Fried Artichokes Recipe, Italian-Jewish-style (Carciofi alla Giudia Recipe)

2 lemons
4 medium-sized artichokes, with stems intact
Olive oil
Salt to taste

Instructions for the Crispy Fried Artichokes recipe, Jewish-style (Carciofi alla Giudia recipe):

  1. Fill a large bowl with water and squeeze the juice of one of the lemons into it. Halve the remaining lemon.
  2. Working with one artichoke at a time, cut off all but 1 1/2 inches (or 3.81-centimeters) of the stem.
  3. Pare the stems and the base, removing the dark green areas, then rub with the cut lemon.
  4. Remove all of the tough outer leaves, until you reach a pale green, pointy core about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches (or 3.18-centimeters to 3.81-centimeters) in diameter at its base.
  5. Carefully open the leaves by rapping the artichoke very gently on a tabletop or poking it open with your fingers.
  6. Be careful not to crack the leaves at their base.
  7. Carefully scoop out the choke with a melon baller or a small pointed spoon.
  8. Rub the artichoke with the cut lemon.
  9. After each artichoke is trimmed, drop it into the lemon water.
  10. When all artichokes have been trimmed, drain well, dry with a kitchen towel and place, stem up, on another towel.
  11. For the first cooking, select a pot that is large enough to hold all of the artichokes, stem up.
  12. Place them in the pot, fill halfway with olive oil and then add water to cover.
  13. Bring to a simmer and cook gently, uncovered, until just cooked through but not soft, about 15 to 17 minutes.
  14. Test the base with a thin wooden skewer.
  15. Using tongs, remove from the pot and place on a platter, stem up, pressing down gently to keep an open flower shape (Can be prepared 2 to 3 hours in advance.).
  16. Drain.
  17. For the second cooking, select a deep cast-iron frying pan.
  18. Pour in olive oil to a depth of 2 1/2 inches (or 6.35-centimeters) and heat to a low boil. Add 2 artichokes, stem up.
  19. Using tongs, hold them down, pressing on them to keep the open flower shape.
  20. Fry until golden and crisp, about 8 minutes.
  21. Drain on paper towels, then salt. Keep warm in a low oven.
  22. Fry the remaining artichokes the same way (It's almost impossible to do 4 at once, as you can't hold them down and flat.).
  23. Serve immediately.

Serves 4.

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