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Shining Star

Characters: Nick, Ashley, & Danielle

Background: Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys is having these dreams about
a girl. He ends up falling for her, when he tells the guys about her and
how he thinks she might be the right girl they all laugh it off.
Sometimes Dreams are believed to tell the future, could this girl
be just a fantasy or could this be reality?

Brea & Ana

Tides Change

Characters: Genevieve, Tasia, Nick, Howie, & Chad

Background: Tasia and Gen are vacationing in southern  Florida and meet up
with Nick and Howie. However, what happens when a certain man does not want
to let Tasia out of his grasp? Violence occurs and Tasia left with the
decision of who she loves most... Chad or Howie?


Always Forever

Characters: Nicole, Amanda, & BSB .

Background: This story tells a tale of an up-n-coming singing duo. 
Their story behind the story!

Miranda & Tiffany

Special F/X

Characters: Daniel, Shiela, & BSB .

Background: This is the story of a girl group called Special F/X. Read on to find out 
what goes on Behind The Scenes as they go on tour with BSB!


Dance With me

Characters: Lacey, Melinda, Fatima, Ashley, Bobby, & BSB .

Background: Lacey is a dancer who just broke up with her boyfriend
She is now moving to Orlando in hopes of a job.
Who and what will she meet there? Read on to find out!


Characters: Jennifer, AnnLyn, Mark, & BSB.

Background: Jen has just quit her job and is starting a whole new life. 
Read on to find out what that life will bring her!

Meeting Kevin

Characters: He, She.

Background: A woman slips a note to someone with the name of the person 
it goes to on it. The young man is touched by the note and somehow sees
the young lady that made the note. Their eyes lock and their worlds collide.
Read on to find out if they are meant to be!


Sorry, but this story has been discontinued!!!

I'll Never Find Someone Like You

Characters: Lauren, Gray, Faren, Bailey & BSB.

Background: Lauren had received 4 tickets for a Disney Cruise as
a present from her parents upon graduating high school.  She 
chose her three friends, Faren, Bailey and Gray to go along with 
her.  Follow her on her adventures on the high seas as she meets the

If You Knew What I Knew

Characters: Lauren, & Bailey.

Background: Lauren has been out of it lately thinking about her father 
that she doesn't know. Will she search for him?
What will she find if so? Read on to find out

Didn't We Almost Have It All?

Characters: BSB.

Background: Skip to the future 2004 and see what life 
may be like for BSB after their global fame!


Who Would've Thought?

Characters: Chloe & BSB.

Background: Chloe helps out a man in need! The next thing you know, 
it changes her world! Read on to find out how.



Characters: Miranda, Anne, Harold, Kelly, Jackie & BSB.

Background: It has been 6 months since miranda has see Kevin or the rest of the guys! 
Will her running into him and getting invited to his house for Christmas
ignite old feelings that have been broken? Read on to see!


Characters: Caroline, Miranda, & BSB.

Background: It's D's birthday and AJ has planned a surprise for him! 
But who will be the one getting the surprise?


Back To Your Heart!

Characters: Kayla, Lucy, & BSB.

Nadja Reed



Andrea & Tamara

Show Me the Meaning



Characters: Mandi, Kristi, & BSB.

Background: Mandi and Kristi are friends who go to a BSB concert
together. They meet BSB and get backstage passes,
but end up getting more. Read on to see

Vix & Lauren


Characters: 'Lil Tyk, Brian, Leighanne, & Nick.

 Follow 'Lil Tyk as he gets his Super Doggy Powers and
does his best to help mankind!!

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