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Buffy Fic by AineRose

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Finding Some Sort of Comfort - Buffy and Oz talk after 'Chosen'. B/Oz friendship. G

Hard- Oz's life after Willow. PG

Darkness Takes Light -After NMR Oz is travelling alone, but one day he stumbles across a Death Eater 'party' and is thrown into a whole new world of discovery and pain. Harry Potter Crossover. Oz/Ginny friendship, Wilow/Oz. PG-13

For Whom the Bell Tolls -Willow recounts a funeral as she dies, and discovers what she really wanted after all. Angsty. PG. Willow/Oz.

Power- Buffy muses about the girls, herself and Power. Post-Chosen.PG

Scoobies in Hogwarts- Crossover with Harry Potter. When Hogwarts needs help, who better that the Scoobies? No OotP spoilers.

Ballad of an Irishman-Angel explores his roots.

New Hair Day-Cute little Willow/Oz, set post-Becoming.

Cold Room to Warm my Heart-Oz is cold.

Kaci- My attempt at fluffy, post S7 Willow/Oz

Stuck in the Darkness- Buffy has to convince Oz to come home. But what if he's changed too much? PG Buffy/Oz friendship.

Quiet Reflection- Willow/Oz but in an angsty way. Set between Wild at Heart and New Moon Rising; Willow is hurting.



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