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Information page






Hello. My name is Nathan and i am a sophmore in high school. This site is mainly about programming, but i have some other stuff here as well. I am currently studying C++ in school, and i am still what you would consider a newbie :) If you want to contact me for any reason (besides spam), here are several ways you can get a hold of me:

AIM: SlaVe oF ThE NeT
ICQ: 86213259
IRC: NathanA on Undernet, ussually in #programming.

Programming Information:
I use two different compilers one for school, and one for home. At school, I use CodeWarrior on a mac, and at home i use the free Blooshed Dev-C++ on my pc. As you can imagine, i run into portability problems quite often, but I do my best to see that the source code that i add here works on both compilers. All programs i add here have been compiled under Bloodshed Dev-C++, and are in PC format.