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    Today i added a program that simulates the classic game of Nim. It starts out with a random number of stones between 15 and 30 being generated. Then the user and computer take turns removing between 1 and 3 stones from the pile until someone removes the last stone. The person who removes the last stones loses.
    Download: .exe | .cpp | .txt

    Today i added a calendar program i created. It asks the user for a day of the week, and a ending day, then it draws up a calendar. Even though this program may sound simplistic, it is my most advanced program ive yet to create.
    Download: .exe | .cpp | .txt

    I also added the template i use to make all my programs. Its very simple but it works just fine and makes navigating through my code much easier.
    Download: .cpp | .txt

    This is my programming page. I have been learning C++ since September 2000, and this is my first programming language to learn. I am still a begginer at programming and the programs i post at this site will be small and rather simplistic. Every time i create a new program that i like, i will add it to this page along with the source code. Feel free to contact me about anything here. For further contact information, visit my information page.