~ Visions Of A Soldier ~



~ Visions Of A Soldier ~

Within my dreams I am transported through the air of emotions that are silently released by our troops located within the realms of the land where our Lord Jesus Christ himself lived and died.

I hear the explosions and feel the fire upon my face as I quietly move through the air, touching the shoulders of our troops, silently whispering to them that I am here to support them in the only way that I can. I feel their fear and I feel their pride.

I find myself hovering above and I'm overcome with emotions of my own. A sadness tears at my heart as I witness the death of a soldier. Before I can wipe the tears from my eyes I am suprised by the warmth of a hand wiping the tears away for me, and a soft voice whispering, "Do not cry m'lady, for I am home now." In awe I watch as this young soldier smiles at me..then he is gone.

I am awakened and a sadness fulfills my every being, leaving me to ponder what it is that has just happened. The memory of this dreams fills my mind and a warmth surrounds me as the vision of this soldiers appears and I sense a magnificent presence around him and drop to my knees, tears streaming from my eyes, and I pray.

"Thank you my Lord Jesus. Thank you for being there to watch over our troops as they fight for the Freedom of the people of your homeland. Keep them safe and if you must wrap your arms around some of them, then please ease the hearts of those who are left at home to mourn for them. You know we didn't want it to be this way, but we are living through a time such as that of so many years ago and I hear the echo of words spoken as we move forward...
Let My People Go.

Lord have Mercy on us all."

Written By
~ Linda May Spivey-Bjorklund ~
Copyright 2003

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