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A Little Bit About Me

~Country Born~
Baker City, Baker, Oregon
Have lived in NJ, WA, CA, TX

Claude 1915-2010, Tina 1926-2005

Diana (w/Philip), Evelynn Sue,
Ron (w/Ann)

~My Husband~
William E. "BJ', MSGT U.S.Marine., Retired

~7 Children~
Travis (w/Wendy), Rachael, April (w/Robert),
Heather, Misty (w/Carl), Jamie,
Shakira Dawn (w/Frank)

~13 Granddaughters~
Destiny (md/Robert), Britnay (md/Gary),
Karley, Korina, Taylor Jane, Julia,
Taylor May, Ailah, Aeris, Anava,
(triplets) Kristie, Katlyn, Kenzie

~12 Grandsons~
Cody, Aidan, Jerad, Anoah, CJ,
Dustin, Thomas, Weston, Luke,
Hudson, Jake, Berg

~3 Great Grandchildren~
Jennifer Marie & Sonya Goldie
James and Aniah

Favorite Things to Do

Hunting, Fishing
Carpentry & Genealogy
Drawing, Writing & Doodlin'

I will be a 15-Year
Cancer Survivor
December 2016

My Breast Cancer Website

Some of my writings can be found here. As I finish new ones, these will be rotated off or put somewhere else.

~ Visions Of A Soldier ~

When A Strangers Not
A Stranger At All

~ Why God Made Mothers ~

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I have been busy gathering my thoughts about how I want to put my website together for others to see. For the moment I have disabled many of my links that were available here on your last visit so that I can update them for your viewing. I hope to have the entirety of my website up and running by Christmas 2016. I have a lot of work to do!!

I do apoligize if you came here to see something specific and it is not available right now as you'd hoped, but you still can contact me at the address below and I'll see what I can do about getting it to you, or whatever it is you may have needed.

Some links will remain here, [the ones texted in red are open
], but most will be removed, along with their graphics used for identification purposes. I look forward to getting the website facelift I've been wanting to do for a very long time. Let's see if I can get it done within a matter of a month, providing I have no serious setbacks to halt or delay my progress.

Take care and thank you for coming to visit with me today.

Contact me here.

Thank you, Linda May

"What my life is all about...the search for the Elusive Ancestors who designed the mold
of who I am today...the doors that open up into each corner of that life.

Nameless Children
Our Past

~Unknown Children Album~

10 years .... 10 months .... and moving on!


As another day comes to us when we are reminded of the sacrifices that have been made by thousands of men and women, young and old alike, foreign and abroad, and that we should ALL bow our heads and say a silent word of thanks to each and every one of our servicemen and women who have comitted themselves to protecting us... and their America.
Take a moment of your time and put aside the hate some of you feel for what is happening right now. Stand instead and thank a soldier for being where you may not want to be, and for doing what you might not want to do! Praise the brave soldiers of America's Armed Forces and those from around the world who are willing to stand up and fight with us.


There is another group of people living within our societies that should not be ignored . . . our HOMELESS. Many are here, not because they want to be, but because of unforeseen circumstances that had arisen within their lives.
Take a moment and pay attention to those you see, those you hear and for those you know are in need.

It only takes a moment of your time to stop and drop a few dollars into the old hat laying on the ground in front of one living their life as a destitute of loneliness, sorrow and whatever else may come their way.
It only takes a moment for you to pack up a hot meal on a plate that you could share with a child sitting next to their mother or father with such sad eyes watching you as you walk by.
Take a moment and say a silent prayer for those in need of something of greatness in their lives, could be a smile from you, a hot meal from a stranger, a pair of shoes, a warm coat, anything that will show them that there are people out there who can, and are willing to, share a bit of gracious humanity with a stranger.

Do not ignore the homeless, you just never know who they really are or what their stories are filled with.


I am currently working on getting our Patriotic Connections Website done, which is where I will be paying tribute to the men and women of our military service. There are so many within our own family who have so proudly served, some who have so sadly paid the ultimate price, and many more whose stories I would like to tell you about.

Please take a moment and send me an email with your loved ones information on their 'time in service', 'active or retired', anything you'd like us to know, especially pictures. Check back soon on this.


Memorial Tribute Website

11 September 2001
Projects Currently Working On
It's been quite a while since I have been able to get in and do much with my website, so I thought I would come in here and try and put up a few pages that I could share with you. Genealogy is such a big part of my life and so it is only natural that I would of course begin with a few genealogy pages here and there. You'll find a link or two below that you can click on to visit. Just know that I will be adding more as time allows ... let me know what you all think.


  Ellis Family Notes      Ellis Family Notes  

Click on photograph (possibly Adniram Spiva) to see the first of
many album pages being put together.

Adniram Spiva is my great great grandfather. He was born 10 May 1827 in Habersham Co., GA. On 12 March 1850 he married Evaline Souther and they had 9 children. Sadly, Evaline died within a month of having her youngest son, Steven. Adniram remarried to a young woman, Sarah Hazeltine Corn 28 Oct 1873 and together they had 5 children, giving Adniram a total of 14 children.

It is these 14 children that I am researching and have put together a Family Album where they will be showcased.

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