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Infrared Cameras for thermal inspections

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There are many options in the thermal camera world today, choosing the right one for your application can be a daunting task. Do you require numeric temperature data? Do you really need color imagery? How accurate do you need the measurements to be? Do you need A short-wave system (3-5 microns)? Is a long wavelength (7-14 micron) a more appropriate choice for your needs? Don't worry about it! Mt. Hood Thermography has a range of equipment for all your needs. We are proud to feature advanced infrared camera systems from Sierra Pacific Innovations a recognized leader in the industry. All of our equipment is covered under extended service contracts covering routine maintenance and calibration procedures. This ensures that we can provide you with the most accurate thermal data in an efficient and cost effective manner.


Radiometric (temperature) Agema 470 Infrared Camera

The Agema 470 is used for a variety of applications where accurate temperature measurements are required. With the A470 we can analyze individual components or complete systems and provide you with detailed reports. The 470 produces vivid color thermal imagery and accurate numeric temperature data up to 3000°.

Click here if you want to see detailed specifications and sample images from the A470.

IR Pro Palm Size Thermal Infrared Imager

We use the palm held IR Pro as an all purpose all around "tool box" infra-red cam solution. We use it when numeric temperature data is not required. This system produces high res real time thermal color imagery. It's small size and high performance make it ideal for roof inspections, energy audits, and other applications that do not require temp. readings.

Click here for detailed specifications and images from the IR Pro.

IR 777 "SnapShot" Radiometer

The IR 777 is a radio metric (temperature reading) "snap-shot" style camera. We use this camera on jobs that require accurate temp. data but do not particularly need real time performance. We like this camera for routine electrical and mechanical predictive maintenance applications. Due to this cameras low cost it is considered an entry level model (it was our first camera) but we still use it every day.

Click here for detailed specifications and sample images from the IR-777.

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