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Infrared Analysis of Electrical Systems for Preventative Maintainance Programs

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Because your plant or facilitie operates 24/7/365, downtime is equivalent to lost revenue. To prevent such losses, all electrical components in your plant can be scanned with our thermal infrared camera to reveal suspisious hot spots. Some common components that we thermally scan are disconnect switches, panels, circuit breakers, fuses, transformers, bus panals, etc. Once we detect a problem with one of our Infrared Camera, you can then take the appropriate measures to correct the situation before disaster strikes. We use infrared imagers and our trained thermographers to detect hot spots in electrical equipment, substations, distribution lighting panels, and electrical motors. Your problems are quickley and easily eliminated before they cause system failure. The results: avoidance of costly operations downtime. By taking a thermograph of site electrical panels, our thermographers produce a high resolution "heat picture" which can reveal components that are overloaded, out of phase, or loose/dirty connections that may become faulty.
mechanical preventive maintainance
When using infrared, you're measuring intangibles-how much downtime you've avoided, or how many fires you haven't had.
3 phase electrical connection
electrical infra-red inspection

Unlike normal components, faulty systems will show a detectable temperature increase over the ambient temperature profile. Thermography will verifie that your electrical connections are properly maintained. Thermography also detects hot spots that can be overlooked by visual inspections. On a recent inspection, our infrared equipment detected a hot spot registering 112 degrees, over the baseline ambient temperature, in a large transformer that was a part of the main power feed to a signifigant manufacturing facility. This extremely dangerous situation was due to a simple dirty/loose connection.If left undiscovered the transformer may have blown up violently causing not just signifigant down time but possibly serious injury or death. Most electrical problems within industrial facilities reveal themselves with a temperature change prior to failure. For this reason IR thermography has become the corner stone of most electrical predictive / preventative maintenance programs. It is a non contact, non destructive, and fairly simple method of detecting impending electrical problems.

powerline thermal inspection

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