The Grand Supercycle Peak

The Grand Super Cycle peak is a long term cycle involving a multitude of smaller cycles that converge at a point, It's around 200 years long, based on the Elliott Wave Theory.

A basic tutorial on the Elliot Wave and the Grand Super Cycle can be found HERE

Chart showing long term trend line of DJIA. The lower end of trend-line (for year 2000, for example) is around 300(!). It's currently around 9000 (beyond the top of this chart!) , also clearly ABOVE the long term top trend-line, this breach indicates that a severe correction is imminent. In a Grand Super Cycle decline, It would temporarally spike through the lower trend-line, placing the DJIA well BELOW 1000 .

Another version of S&P. with current update.

For an accurate chart of real, inflation adjusted DOW Jones over the long term, CLICK HERE

J.Adams explains more on the Grand Super cycle at this link. Note that this page is old (Aug. 97') and talks about the peak being at DOW 8000 in this article. It can still be used with 9000 or 10,000 being the peak. He throws in some astrology too,but an interesting article. (?)

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