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Adding New Stuff Sporadically...

Page updated 12/19/08


I've devoted these pages to my favorite miniatures games and RPG, Wardogs, Full Thrust, Starmada: Admiralty Edition, Iron Stars, and Castles & Crusades. Artwork, house rules, scenarios, and other things will be available as I add them.

(At present I'm in exile on the Oregon coast.)


Iron Stars is a table top Victorian Science Fiction wargame. Taking place in 1901 along an alternate timeline where Queen Victoria has died and the War of the Worlds actually happened. We've reverse engineered some of their technology and made discoveries of our own...and now the nations of pre-WWI are loose in the stars with their ships of steel and men of iron.

The Marina del Eter is the small navy of the ether flying under the flag of Spain and its King, Alphonso XIII. My small contribution to the IS universe and a really cool game.

Iron Stars is a copyright of MJXII Games and no infringement or profit is meant by the material presented here.

My Iron Stars Ground Combat Rules


A fun starship game with a solid design system, rich background, tons of miniatures out on the market, integrated ground combat (Dirtside II), and easy to learn rules. The only downside is that the rules have little support after the Fleet Books and suffer from balance issues inherent to their mechanics. Still, with a bit of tinkering or tolerance, one of the best games available...and available free online!!!

Rim World Concordium Page
Click on this link to visit the Concordium.

Full Thrust is a copy right of GZG and no infringement or profit is meant by this material presented here.

STARMADA: X/ Starmada: Admiralty Edition

A really great starship miniatures game that plays quickly and has possibly the best ship design system available. Flexibility and balance are the hallmarks of Starmada; playable on its normal hex grid or adaptable to play without hexes with pretty near any starship miniatures a person may already have.

Flag of the Vitoran Empire

Nightcrawler Corvette

Mayfly Frigate

Megapede Missile Frigate

Wolfspider Destroyer

Mantis Attack Cruiser

Aspiga Missile Cruiser

Gimantis Battlecruiser

Scorpiax Carrier

Termigant Battleship

Starmada: X and Starmada:AE is a copyright of MJXII Games and no infringement or profit is meant by the material presented here.

The Gallery

To the Viewing Port
Click on this link to visit the Gallery.

Castles & Crusades Stuff

After years of playing D&D and the various incarnations thereof, I finally had enough of the big company butchery and needing an entire library to create an adventure or character. The latest round, 4e, is a power gamer's wetdream in my opinion. Looking around I discovered C&C...and all the gaming goodness of the early years is back without the library.

Here's some of the stuff I've created for my C&C campaign and game group. Enjoy!

Character Sheet

House Rules

Marksman Class

Archer Class

Shaman Class

Witch Hunter


Blade Dancer



Witch Doctor

Cinder Pass Tower

C&C is a copyright of Troll Lord Games and no infringement or profit is meant by the material presented here.


Wardogs is a copyright of MJXII Games and no infringement or profit is meant by the material presented here. Comments, reviews,(desired)and discussion about the game and rules can be made on the MJXII Games forums.

Classic Battletech Conversions

By Christopher TenWolde

CBT Conversion Notes







Phoenix Hawk


Shadow Hawk






Interesting Places

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