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This is Acorna, a dryad from Dreamfollow! I really liked the idea that the dryads depend on their trees and if their trees are destroyed, they die. If we all were dryads, we wouldn't have to be worrying about the rainforests dissapearing now would we? ;) (Yes, I'm a bit of an enviromentalist.) Anyway, Acorna is the Guardian of this page, so you better not be planning on stealing any of my pets!

This is Nutmeg, my winged pony from Dreamfollow! More horses to come, I promise :).

This is Daisy, a baby pony from All A Reverie! Isn't she just so cute? Yes, there will be more horsies...I'm not over my facination with 'em just yet.

This is Desert Storm, a Spectrum Fox from The EverRealm! I needed something to protect and keep all my horsies in a herd now didn't I?

This is Starburst, my Unicorn from The EverRealm! She's beautiful isn't she?

What's this? A feline wormed it's way in with the equines? Ah well, I'm not gonna complain ;). This is Nova, a BatCat from The EverRealm!

Well, sad to say, but my horse fascination has ended. So, anyways, on a happier note, I'd like you to meet Shira, my Genira! Click Here to adopt your own!

Here is a little bit about Shira & Genira's: Geniras aren't your average pet, or a average cyber pet for that matter. Why? Because everyone is unique, EVERY one.

Geniras themselves resemble wolves, with four long legs ending with canine paws and usually a steady build with a sleak head.

However all geniras are different, and they all don't look exactly like wolves. That's because breeding can bring strange, but sometimes cool, results. Like you might end up with a genira with wings.

Now for the diet: they eat just about anything, from broccoli to large mammals such as deer or elk. You'll find that every genira has different tastes, so make sure not to give a vegetarian a thick flame-broiled steak. :)

About Shira: Shira is a white genira with wings, a very busy tail, and she has bright grey eyes. She is a vegetarian Genira and enjoys fruit best of all. She is a little sweetheart and I love her to death!

This is my Birthday Bear. Isn't it sooo cute? Click on the banner below to adopt your own!

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These are Tyger, Eddie, and Eric, my little Woobies. Whenever a child hugs a favourite toy, a Woobie is born. Tyger represents my stuffed tiger (named Tyger) given to me by my Grandfather when I was little. Tyger was always there when I needed a good cry, never complained if I told him about my day and didn't let him tell me about his, and encouraged me in his own little way. I still have Tyger, but since you can't meet him, I'll let you meet Tyger the Woobie.
Eddie is named after a stuffed bear that was also given to me by my grandfather (Eddie came from the two Shreddies on the box, Eddie & Freddie). Again, I still have Eddie, but the Woobie version is much easier to put online...
And last but not least, Eric the bunny. Eric is named after my ex-boyfriend who gave me a bunny for Easter the last year we were together. There's a longer story behind it, but if Eric (the guy) ever sees this page I want him to know that I'm sorry.

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If you can see 'im, this is Tiny Tim, my itzy bitzy gold fish. He's got his own plant and a jar of fish food too :) I lost the link for where I got him from...if you know, please contact me!!

Click Here to visit my Egyptan from The Egyptan Desert!

These are Ty, Cy, and Ry, my Blue Jean Babies! Click on their label to adopt your own!

This is Suvious, a special gryphon I found while wandering around Skyhaven!

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