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Spectrum Cats

Upon my visit to the Spectrum Cat homepage, I came upon the owner who told me that I must sit and wait for the cats because they are still wild animals and she couldn't call them. I waited for hours in the clearing and was eventually lulled to sleep by the sounds of the woods and the gentle breeze. I awoke and felt something warm on my chest. I looked up and saw a strange greyish cat, an eerie creature. It was sleeping and breathing at the same rate I was. I reached up to grab the cat, but it hopped off my chest and walked casually into the woods. I stood up and followed, but the cat was gone. Disappointed, I turned back to the clearing. When I got there, I grabbed my leash and pet carrier--but the carrier felt heavy. I looked inside and saw the odd cat resting inside with the door closed.

Creepy huh? But, nonetheless, I love my Spectrum Cat, named Eerie, who is a Ghost Spectrum Cat. Eerie also helped me discover a litter of abandoned Ghost Spectrum Kittens and is helping me raise them. They are, left to right, Nightshade, Ghast, and Mist. Eerie, Ghast, and Mist are all females; Nightshade is male.

Completely opposite to my Ghost Cat family, I also adopted a rainbow family that has one adult, named Prism, and two kittens (left to right) Cascade and Swirl. Prism is female, the two kittens are both male. Here is the story of Prism's discovery:
I waited in the clearing for only a short time when I was visited by a multicolor feline. It rubbed its cheek against all my things and rolled over onto its back, purring. The cat then climbed onto my lap, kneeding my legs, digging its claws into me. Although cringing in pain, I petted the cat. I placed it into the pet carrier and took it with me.

Next is my familey of blue Spectrum Cats. This family consists of one adult and two kittens. The female adult is named Splash, the kittens are (left to right) female Diver and male Tidepool. Here is the story of my discovery of Splash:
While waiting I discovered that the clearing was intensely hot. The sun glared at me in the absense of trees. I stood up and walked toward the sound of rushing water. I found a stream running through the woods. I knelt down and splashed water on my face. I looked up and saw a blue cat pulling itself out of the water from the opposite side of the stream. It was holding a large fish in its mouth. I kept my distance as it ate, but when it was done and washing its face off, I hopped across the water and after a short struggle, I got the leash around its neck.

Last but not least, I take you to meet my family of red Spectrum Cats, consisting of one adult named Crimson and one kitten named Cherry. Crimson is male, Cherry female. Here is the story of my introduction to Crimson:
As I sat, I grew bored. I started examining the grass. Suddenly, a rabbit darted past me and I stood up and watched it run into a bush, a red blur following. I got close to the shrub, startling the cat enough that the bunny raced away. The red cat climbed out of the bush and sat cleaning itself beside my feet. While it did so, I slipped the leash around its neck.

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