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Miss Parker's Revenge

This is my web page dedicated to the Pretender, the best show on tv! I named this page Miss Parker's Revenge because I believe that she will get revenge for all the wrong that was done to her. I hope that you all enjoy this page and please sign my guestbook before you leave. Also come back and visit again because this sight is under construction. I will be adding and changing things whenever I can! Below are the features to this page.


Make sure you tune in on Monday January 22 at 8pm on TNT for the world premiere of the first ever made for TV Pretender movie. it is two hours longs. Make sure you watch it and set your VCRs!


What is a Pretender

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This The Pretender Web Ring site owned by Rachel :o).
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-I am in no way related to anyone in the Pretender or or any of it's partners. This web page is used for entertainment only.