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What Happened to Them?

Missing Children!

Birth: 05/25/98

Missing: 08/05/99

Age Now: 15 Months

Race: Asian/ Pakistan

Sex: Female

Hair: Black / very short

Eyes: Black

Height: 1' 6"

Weight: 22 Lbs

Identifying marks:

She has skin allergies.

Has some white spots

on her arms and legs

due to very dry skin.

Missing From:

Garland, Texas

Missing From


Birth: 10-14-85

Missing: 8-30-99

Age Now: 13 Yrs

Race: Black American

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 160 Lbs


Missing From


Birth: 12-21-83

Missing: 11/06/97

Age Now: 15 Yrs

Race: White

Sex: Male

Hair: Sandy

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 170 Lbs

Identifying marks:

Facial Scars on

Both cheeks

Missing From:

Bristow, Indiana


Indiana State Police


Case# 840241

If you are going to stay at this site for 30 seconds or less then just turn around and leave right now....I am so tired of people not paying attention to the children of this world. I am so tired of seeing child porn groups and sites be flooded with hits a day and sites that deal with the mental, physical and sexual torture of the innocent of this world be neglected.

You are here... That tells me that you care or you would never have visited. But, if you care you will do more than scan the page and say..."It's just another Child Abuse Site. No site that deals with these issues is just another site. This site and others are dedicated to saving YOUR children and grandchildren.

Still Here? Good. Then read all of the infomation on this page. Read of the children that have lost thier lives in ways that you and I cannot even begin to imagine. Read of the children who are in constant fear. Then read of those who fight for the children. Become a fighter yourself. Decide right now that you will no longer turn a blind eye.

Pedophiles! THAT is what this issue is going to be about. Those sick, twisted and pitiful excuses for human beings. They are a plague that is spreading fast.

They must be stopped. Period! No playing, no allowing them thier day in court to discuss their constitutional rights. Since when did the Constitution have anything to do with having sex with children. With INFANTS for crying out loud! Don't believe it isn't as widespread as we all seem to be letting on? Open your eyes and you will see.

Sign the Online Petition Here

Click here to visit Womansdesktop Top 100 Women Sites!

(Vote for this site while you are there!)

Read the following and then hit the message board and show support for this family. This killer may hit your town next! Stop The Madness by joining together!

Keep Him In Jail!

We have had a tragedy occur in our family this last week. In 1989, my 2 year old niece was raped and beaten to death by her father's best friend. In 1994, he was convicted of 3 counts of aggravated murder and sentenced to death. Now, the Oregon Supreme Court has thrown out the conviction stating a technicality!!! They have 35 days to change their minds on this... We need your help!! The details of the case are located at: Please stop by, sign the petition, and email either your own congressmen, or the ones on the site!! Time is of the essence! We cannot let this child killer walk free....

Meet Shelby Lynn

was our first featured child. She was murdered by her Great Uncle...His case is due to go to trial in October of this year. To read more of her story you can click on her name. You will be able to get back here from there
Shelby's Place.

Some words from
Shelby Lynn's Mother....

"When I think about my daughter its kinda hard now to think about the good times and the laughs because all of the horrible memories come out. The memories of the things he did and the way she had to have reacted. But there are alot of great memories when it comes to Shelby Lynn.

The day that little girl was born was the greatest day of my life. I thought then things couldn't get any better until the day she told me 'I love you mom'. I never thought for the life of me those words would make me cry but they did.

Shelby was so full of life its hard to believe shes gone. She was so smart, I can't believe that an 18 month old could look at and tell you what the letters of the alaphbet were. Just when I thought she had done all she could to amaze me, she did it again when she was two when she wrote her name as clear as day.

I always dreamed of a relationship with my children that would be very close. With Shelby I had all that and more. I had a best friend, daughter, and someone who would just listen without even understanding sometimes.

I used to go and lay down with her after she had fallen asleep just to hold her and rub her hair. I hugged and kissed her everyday and told her I love her. Sometimes she would tell me that I was hugging her to tight and that she wanted me to stop kissing her I would tell her that I would never stop kissing her or hugging her even when she is an old lady.

She would always talk about what she wanted to be when she grew up. From about the age of two she always said she wanted to be her mama when she grew up and her mama could be her.

When ever I got sick she always told me, don't worry mama I will take care of you.

She had a smile that could light up the room. Alot of people say you don't know what you got till its gone, but I knew. I want to be able to look at her picture and see that beautiful face without crying.

Shelby was truly my heart and soul. Someimes I sit back and think about the four years that I had that child and I think " if God wanted her back I can see why."

Take the time to visit
Shelby's Place

Then see if your eyes and ears can remain closed to the cries of the innocent.

This issue of the Internet Force Against Child Abuse Newsletter is going to be a little different. I have interviewed China Shreives, the Founder of the Non Profit, Online Child Advocacy Group GAWOT and Associate Executive Of Better A MillStone. These are two very fine organizations that battle against child crimes on a daily basis. The following is a transcript of that interview.

Q. When did GAWOT first begin?

A. About six months ago in an ICQ chat with my friend and Co-founder. I was a member of BAM and I had always realized that there were many people who wanted to help with this cause but did not have access to organizations such as BAM. She asked me if I wanted to create a ring with her, and I said sure if it is for the cause of protecting children..So here we are.

Q. How did you come up with the name ‘Guardian Angels Watching Over Them’?

A. That same night we were throwing names back and forth at one another and I came up with that one, it just stuck. We liked the abbreviation of it “GAWOT”, and figured it would be easy to work with.

Q. What are some of the things that GAWOT does?

A. There is so many different areas we cover. We have a team that searches out child porn sites and clubs on the net. A team that works with the search team to bring those sites down. A team that works on the luring in of pedophiles for arrest, meaning we are child decoys. A team that helps victims. A team that handles education and reporting resources..Which I am proud to say you are the leader of! A team just for the kids, to guide them or scare them straight if necessary to protect themselves online, (we use our scared straight program with parents permission) Reports of abuse, so on. We try to deal with all aspects of abuse.

Q. Is there a difference between a child molester and a pedophile? If not, why do we use and hear both terms?

A. No, Pedophile is the legal term for someone who victimizes a child sexually. Child molester is a slang term for a pedophile as is chickenhawk and some other terms used. As with any other word that has a slang counterpart, it will be used and heard.

Q. What is BAM and how do your two organizations work together?

A. Better A Millstone, Inc, The Internet Eyes & Ears for Law Enforcement~is an organization that was founded by Mike Echols, who is an ex FBI agent, and the author of “I Know My Name Is Steven” and some other books as well that have to do with child abuse. The organization works with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and U.S. Customs, and many other agencies in stopping child crimes. The relationship between the agencies and BAM was a developed one and not a hired one. BAM is in very good standing with Law Enforcement and they rely on BAM members to help them with the crimes and trust BAM as reliable information source. We at Gawot do not work together with BAM in the sense of the two combined. Gawot was created because I knew there were people out here that wanted to help, but they could not have access to Bam for various reasons. BAM is high security because of its relationships with Law Enforcement. You have to go through criminal checks and identification process verified by Law Enforcement, and an interview, etc. Then you are trained to do this work. Some people may be strong child advocates but they have criminal histories that have nothing to do with crimes against children that will block them. Some live in areas where they cannot obtain cooperation with their authorities to get them into BAM, example Canada, the Canadian police will not provide what is needed to be a member of BAM. We have members here at GAWOT who are members of BAM, including myself being an Associate Executive Director of BAM, and we filter the work done here through BAM. Our members do not have access to BAM intelligence or authorities, but they can still do the work and we can put it through for them. I felt that the more eyes and ears the better, and if you have willing people that want to make a difference, than let them help by all means.

Q. Can you tell our readers of some of your successes?

A. Success comes in many forms in this type of work. My own personal success ranges from being instrumental in the arrest of a pedophile and making some child/children safer, to taking down exploitations of children already victimized, to winning a verbal war with a pedophile and seeing him flee the chat or forum room, to just making a victim smile and feel loved. Some successes give you the feeling of the Victory Call and some give you a warm feeling in your heart. Successes are great but they are no more than a ripple in the huge sea of child abuse out here. It is hard to revel in them for more than a moment when you turn around a face what is still out there.

Q. Now, on a more personal level.... As a member of your group I see the way you are and how powerful that you can be. What has caused you to be so driven in this area?

A. Birth. lol! I was born aggressive and a rebel. I do believe my youngest brother hit it on the head when he said that I single handedly (out of five kids, me being the only girl) gave my father his heart condition and made my mother the bundle of migraine nerves that she is. That, and I think I owe my oldest brother, who is and was my mentor all through my life growing up, a lot of credit. He is the strongest person I know. He signed up for two tours of duty in Viet Nam as a Navy Seal and spent another year over there as a POW. They told us that the only reason he lived to come back home was because he would not give, even with the torture he suffered at the hands of the Viet Cong, living in the bamboo pit for a year, beatings, Russian Roulette games, etc. They said the ones who gave out info were killed, but the ones who did not give in to them were spared, as the Viet Cong felt that it was these soldiers that had the info they really needed, and to kill them would mean they would never get it for sure. My brother has always been this strong in everything he did and does in life. I have tried to convince him to go on the show Survivor! Lol! My brother taught me at a young age to never say or do anything that I will not and cannot back up, and to never back down and give up the fight for what is right in my eyes and heart. I have lived my life on those words. That, along with my deep love for children, Gods most precious gift to the world, and seeing them victimized and their beautiful lives ruined drives me in this cause. This cause is my heart and soul, it is what I live for.

Q. Since I have created the Internet Force and joined GAWOT I have seen things on the Internet that have left me with my heart torn to shreds. The things that people do has driven me to sleep in bed with my 3 1/2 year old daughter and hold her all night while sleep evades me. Where does your strength come from? How do you do it day after day and year after year?

A. I am not as strong as some people think. I live on an average of three hours of sleep a night between working on the web and the night terrors that often creep in to jolt me awake in a cold sweat of hyperventilating and shaking. I have acquaintances tell me I look like death warmed over, including my doctor who is also a child advocate. Lol! I walk around many days feeling numb and silenced with the images playing through my mind haunting me. It is the hazard of the job, and I don’t think OSHA can come up with a resolution to this one. If you do this long enough, at least for me, I found myself not being drawn in by the horror of the things before my eyes, but looking past the horror to the clues that lay within. I tend to pick things apart and see what I can uncover, so my eyes tend to survey the surroundings more than focus on the horror of the crime itself. It has helped me greatly to uncover some leads that have proved imperative in finding the pedophile that committed the crime against the child. But, there are still those images that come along that take your breath away and make your heart hit your throat, and then the night terrors come creeping around when you close your eyes. There are times when I have felt like turning my back and walking away, these times come when the night terrors hit often and I not only look like death but feel like death. I may take a few days break from it, but it always calls me back like some unseen force pulling me to the computer. If I gave in to that feeling and walked away, who would do it? I think about what if we all walked away and turned our backs, who would save these kids? There are many who cannot do this work, and shouldn’t be, as you cannot ruin your own life and family if it is too despairing for you, so until the day it affects everything around me negatively and that feeling of death comes over me and will not leave, it will keep pulling me back to the fight.

Q. Some would say that pedophiles have no choice in the way that they are. They have no control..There is a chemical imbalance that causes this behavior. What is your opinion on this matter....

A. Lol! The first thing that crossed my mind is that even the pedophiles would be insulted by that theory! They are normal don’t you know? Everyone has a choice of what they do in life. Many pedophiles are suffering from co-dependency, they themselves were abused as a child and they are just living what they learned, but they have the choice of acknowledging within themselves the damage and pain they went through and the choice to not inflict it on another child. Many are just psycho-sociopaths, and do have a mental illness, not a chemical imbalance mind you, but a mental illness. They are like any other heinous criminal, such as the serial killer. Many serial killers lived normal lives, no abuse, the all American family, but when their childhood’s are traced back there were signs of a mental illness all along, the torturing of animals and other psycho social behaviors. Most pedophiles try to compare themselves to gays, which is ridiculous. Some gays are born with genetic disorders; too many hormones that cause the opposite sex drive than they were physically born to. This explains the feminineness that you will see often in a male gay person or the male traits you will see in a female gay. But there is no gene that can make one sexually victimize someone weaker than them; it’s a crime straight up. This is not a matter of sexual preference either, a rapist prefers women, but that is not what makes him rape them. This is a psychosocial condition that gives them a feeling of power in controlling and harming someone weaker than them, same as rapist, the serial killer. It feeds and fulfills an evil seed/need, and evil thrill. A rapist does not rape to have sex; he can get that at home or in a brothel. The serial killer does not kill because he is a mortician and doesn’t have enough work coming in. Their need is power, it is their thrill, it is the pedophiles thrill and this thrill need is caused by a psychosocial mental disorder. I personally stand on the theory that it is Sin and Satan. Incest has went back to Biblical times and it was a sin in Gods eyes then and now. We live in Satan’s world and there are just going to be some individuals that Satan uses to cause evil and sin. Sickness (including mental disorders) and wickedness is the result of original sin. The pedophile, the serial killer, and so on, its all sin. All in all, we all have choices, and that includes being controlled by Satan and evil or to live righteously and in peace with our fellow human beings. It was meant to be as prophesied and in that light, we cannot conquer it completely, there will be no complete release for the children until God has had enough and puts the smack down on the world and ends it all.

Q. What would your advice be to a child that is being abused in this matter right now. Is there a way of escape for them?

A. Most definitely there is an avenue of escape. Tell a trusted adult, that is the first step to freedom. But it is very important to let kids know that they are not alone, they are not the only one having this happen to them, and absolutely they are not at fault. There is nothing they have done to make this person do this to them, this person is sick and they are the ones totally at fault and this person who is doing this to them needs help too. I want kids to know that no’matter what this person is telling them, it is lies. You will not break up your family if you tell, he will not hurt your mother or someone else close to you. He is lying to you so you will not tell on him and so he can keep on doing this to you, so you will let him do it. I also want the kids to know that this is not love. People who love you do things for you that make you feel good and warm inside in your heart where love lives. If it does not feel good and if it makes you nervous, feel guilty or gives you a yucky feeling in any way, it is not good and it is not love. If someone tells you it is love and that they are showing you love by doing this, they are lying to you and they do not love you at all. Why? Because people who love you do not want to hurt you or make you feel bad, they only want good things for you. Go tell an adult that you trust, a police officer, your teacher, principal, your friend’s mom, an aunt. If they do not listen, do not give up, go to another trusted adult and keep on telling trusted adults until someone listens to you and helps you.

Q. Do you come across a lot of survivors in your line of work?

A. Hundreds! Some of the best child advocates/warriors I know in this cause are child victim survivors. These advocates have my greatest respect and admiration. It goes back to choices when you have been a victim. These people have not wallowed in their own grief over the ruination of their childhood. They have not used it for a rationalization to harm others. They have taken their victimization and created something powerful within them to save other children from what they have suffered. It has to be very hard, if we know how this work haunts us, just imagine how it haunts a victim; it has to be like reliving it themselves every time they square off with it. That is one strong and powerful person to be reckoned with and I would not want to be a pedophile in their path myself. I think these people deserve sainthood personally.

Q. What do you say to someone who is struggling to make sense of what happened to them?

A. I have talked with many struggling victims. In the aftermath most of them feel anger. Especially if it was a parent that victimized them. The main thing that everyone should realize in that case is, this was a child who loved that parent despite what the parent did. There is a great sense of betrayal of that love. A great sense of loving someone whom did not love you back and did not protect you, but instead hurt you. This is normal. It is normal to hate and love this person at the same time. The most harm I have seen victims do to themselves, is to hang on to this anger. I have seen it eat them alive. They need to take the anger and guilt within themselves and place it onto the person that created it and rightfully deserves it. Give it to them and walk away and leave it there. Confront your abuser, face off with them and give them the anger inside you. So many victims will not confront their abuser, mostly out of the fear that was instilled in them by the abuser. It has long been studied and proven that anyone who harms someone weaker then themselves, is a coward to the core, which is why he or she goes after someone weaker in the first place. If a victim cannot confront their abuser and release that anger, then they are still being victimized by that person and always will be. It is like letting them win over and over again. I believe the first step in healing is confronting it face on and giving it back, then you can begin to move forward. There has to be reconciliation in some way, weather it be via the justice system or by the placing of the anger where it belongs, with the abuser. There will still be anger, but at this point it can become a healthy anger and not a damaging anger. It’s this healthy anger that makes such powerful victim advocates.

Q. 13. Do you have your own system of support?

A. If you mean for myself in doing this work, that would be my brother and sister advocates that I work with and amongst in the cause. Its not really a system, but we are here for one another at Gawot and Bam. We all know the feelings and the despair as well as the victories, and we are close and share all of those things. We are one another’s crutches often as well as cheerleading squads. Lol!

Q. Who do you talk to at 3:00 in the morning when the insanity of this world gets to be too much for you?

A. God, my all means. God gets the anger, the tears, the pleadings, the what for’s and the whys…He gets it all from this girl. God is my closest friend and advocate.

Q. How long do you plan to keep GAWOT alive?

A. As long as it takes, and I guess that could mean forever. Even if Gawot fell apart tomorrow and there was just me sitting here all alone, Gawot would live on as a site to help others and I would live on as a child advocate.

The Pedophile could be your neighbor. He could be anyone around us. There are more abusers out there than we want to believe. Abuse knows no race, religion or social standing. It only knows the sick demons that drive it to attack!

Don't close your eyes to Reality anymore. If you do it could be the sanctity of YOUR home that he detroys...

This is a site that I personally reccomend you visit. It is FULL of information on pedophiles and how to stop them. Take the time to explore all they offer.
Guardian Angels Watching Over Them (GAWOT)

Check out the new
"Faces of Reality" Site

It is as eye-opening as it is beautiful...

Newsletter Directory


Check out the Internet Force Against Child Abuse Soapbox. If you are as angry as I am about the issue of Child Abuse then you have a place to vent right here. Step up on the SoapBox and let your opinion be heard.


The following is a poem sent into to us by Susan Jeavons from Visit and see the great work Susan is doing to fight Child Abuse.

  Susan Jeavons at

"Focus on the Children"

Children are crying, dying each day, innocent children, too often prey. Tortured, molested, abandoned, and battered; children forgotten, like they never mattered. What of liberty, justice for every child? Who speaks for the victims who've been defiled? We pledge allegiance, appeal children's plight! We will not be silenced, surrender this fight! We're The Internet Force Against Child Abuse! Enough is enough! There's too much to lose! To the children, the victims, we pledge to you now; your voice will be heard! This is our fervent vow!

(c) 2000 Susan Maree Jeavons

If you know of a child that needs to be featured in this newsletter please send an email to
Internet Force

Child Rapist

Leland Allen McCoy

Address: 3260 East 4th Avenue

Durango, CO 81301

Date of Birth: January 15, 1946

Race: White

Sex: Male

Weight: 185 lb.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Complexion: Fair

Scars and Marks: None visible under normal circumstances

Occupation(s): Plumbing supplies delivery

Employer: Dahl of Durango

Sex Offending Pattern: Victimized children, both sexes, under age of six, known to SVP

Personal vehicles he may drive: 1996 Chevrolet pickup, red 1998 Cavalier, green Company vehicles he may drive: White pickup truck with "Dahl of Durango" logo on both doors

If you see this man keep your children away!

I have found a Memorial Site for Children on the streets. This is a place to remember those who are so often forgotten, More often than not children end up on the streets because of neglect. Read their stories.

Street Children

Click on the following banner to read of Tesslynn. Read and let it convince you to join us in the battle to "Stop the Insanity of Child Abuse.

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If you have a website that is dedicated to abuse then please email us at the
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and we will add you to the links page. In return you will be asked to post the Internet Force Against Child Abuse Banners on your site. We also have a webring that you are invited to join. You have signed the petition. You have passed it on. Now, continue with us in our fight for a better world in which to raise our children!

That's it for this week everyone. Remember.... Child Abuse is Madness and We Must All Do Our Part To Abolish It!