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Thanks for deciding to join this ring. Below you will find a little more explanation of what this ring stands for and. You will also find the form to fill out and your ring fragment. You will need to upload the graphics onto your own server. There is only one set of graphics to choose from right now. There will soon be a few more.

This webring is to bring all of the Internet together as one force. A force against child abuse. We must all come together as one body and make a change. Our Government at all levels needs to hear a united voice. A voice that is loud and strong. A voice that says "No More".

Our Justice System needs to know that no longer will we accept plea bargains for those who Sexually, Physically and Emotionally torment our young. No longer will they be allowed the chance to commit these heinous crimes over and over again before they are locked away!

It is time to make Child Abuse a heinous crime to commit. As I look around I see that the consequences and punishments for these crimes against children, in no way shape or form, are as they should be. Punishment should always fit the crime. In my own hometown it does not. Does it in yours? Somehow I seriously doubt it. If you want to make a difference. If you want to see change. If you have a heart, then this ring is for you. Join me not only in a webring. Join me in the "Internet Force"

A force of people who are fed up with the punishment not fitting the crime. I believe with all of my heart that if we have a "Zero Tolerance" level for abuse. If we demand stricter laws and punishments we will see a decline in this plague that has swept our world. Won't you join "The Internet Force

There will be no pornographic material of any kind on any site within this ring. I mantain the right to add or remove any site. Right below this banner is a link to the form you can fill out to become a part of The Internet Force. Even if you don't feel that you can be a part of this ring, please take the banner and put a link on your site. Let others know that we are here and "We Will Be Heard"

If you are already a member of The Internet Force Against Child Abuse you can edit your info here.

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If you would like to stand with me on this issue, then please become a part of not only this ring, but a part of this website. Together we can and will make a Change! Together we will be "An Internet Force!"

Please email us at The Internet Force when the fragment has been added. You will have three days in which to add the fragment to your site! If it is not done I will have to remove you from the queue and you will then have to reapply.

One more thing! Be sure to add the fragment to the page that you use when you apply or the code Will Not Work!

Join The Webring Here!

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