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Children are Special!
Childhood is a Special Time!
A Time for Wonder, For Learning & Growing!

It is my prayer and hope that someday our society, social services and the court system may actually work and function to protect our most precious resource, the children. The child welfare system currently protects the accuser, the prosecutor, with immunities and protection from disclosure as well as confidentiality laws that are abused. The system also currently protects the social worker and court appointed expert/therapist/evaluator from their own negligence with immunities. The child welfare system and laws affecting children gives the judge discretion and immunity from negligent decisions based on convenience, for the court and not in the best interests of children.

When the current child protection laws are "corrected," to not only protect children from actual abuse situations, but to also protect children from negligent and incompetent social workers, psychologists, judges, and prosecutors, as well as many of the court appointed attorneys involved then we will have effective and just child  protection laws.

Any law that can effectively protect children must also thoroughly acknowledge system abuse, incompetence, agency error and negligence in order to protect children. If the government cannot, or will not, protect children from its own negligence and incompetence, then many of these children will not be protected and when these situations happen while the government intervenes in these cases the government and its many taxpayer funded agencies then becomes responsible for promoting, if not allowing, child abuse. These children suffer the injustice and indifference promoted by those presumed to protect the best interests and the rights of children who also happen to profit from the current laws, procedures, and public policies.

[Author's Note: If you have been a regular visitor to this web site then you will have noticed a new opening page. The opening page was redesigned and uploaded on July 1, 2001, for better navigation for the web site visitor. I still have the old page here.

I also want to add that this web site is primarily for research purposes and hopefully the visitor to this web site understands that I have done my best to make quality information available. There is a need to read the legal disclaimer is also made available.

I hope that all who visit here find the answers they are looking for and that this web site is a valuable resource. This web site is primarily about children's rights and the need for legal reform. Thank you for visiting here and I give you my best regards.

Terry L. Fesler
Three Rivers, Michigan
Children's Rights Advocacy


The link directly below is a new concept being presented here: What is the issue? It is intended to put the "elected on the spot!" Hopefully by the November 2004 elections the issues of immunities will be a major platform during the election campaign which can be accomplished by a letter writing campaign as described on the web page presentation to follow.

It is frustrating to be raised being taught and believing that due process and justice for all is available in this country only to discover that the truth is otherwise and those who learn this truth are also discovering that almost all attempts to seek redress for injustices will first be confronted with disbelief and "who cares!"

Another sad fact is that all the preparation, experience, knowledge and skill is useless in a corrupt court process where it is intended from the very start that a case go a certain direction and that direction only. It is not impossible to prevail under these circumstances but the relief available to those being subjected to these procedures is clearly intended to be extremely difficult to accomplish and obtained only by using the most extraordinary diligence and care.

Politicians and common street hustlers have the same plan for success and that is to convince the victim that "this is a good deal!" It is far more convenient to pay the costs of experiencing these errors and move on with your life than it is to pay the costs for having them corrected and set right. The politician and the street hustler know this all too well!

I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself. � Lone Man (Isna-la-wica), Teton Sioux

All truth goes through three steps: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.   � anonymous

"What prevents us from being aware? Our own resistance to truth! We are afraid that if we let go of our present beliefs - as useless as they are - that the unknown might be worse. But once we dare to see the truth we find that the very thing we feared was our own liberty!" Vernon Howard!

"Only a person who has made sense of himself can make sense of the surrounding world." Vernon Howard.

Discontent is the first necessity of progress.  � Thomas Edison

The whole idea of this presentation and concept is to find a way to make the general public aware of these immunities for the cost of a few postage stamps and making a few copies.



Affecting All Children's Rights Are:

This Web Site is dedicated to all the children who have ever slipped through the cracks of the child welfare system and court processes!

Some government funded programs work for some of the children and some government funded programs work for the people who administer these programs and not the children these programs were funded for and intended to protect. The  simple truth is that many of these Agencies who have been delegated authority and receive federal funds to "protect" children are defrauding the federal government by  keeping kids in crisis and away for family members who are trying to protect them.

All one has to do is follow the money trail from Federal Grants to find this evidence. There are several federal agencies that provide grants to the States for funding of these programs. One of the main Federal Agencies that provides these funds in the form of grants to the States is the US Department of Health and Human Services.

This Web Site is for every child who has suffered the confusion, emotional trauma and inner conflict caused by the negligent and sometimes corrupt acts of the people in the " CHILD WELFARE INDUSTRY" who are not protecting children but are actually protecting their own reputations, careerism, and financial interests instead of the children they are sworn to protect as an act of public service.

If you know of any situations where Children's Protective Services or child welfare agencies failed to protect children, or have any information involving Psychologists, Attorneys, Social Workers, Courts, Judges, where there is documentation, and children were not helped but left in abusive situations, please start writing your federal and state senators and congressional representatives about these important issues and specific cases.


There are no legal definitions for what is considered a competent psychological evaluation. There are no legal definitions for who is qualified to perform a competent psychological evaluation. These criteria, procedures, standards and the measures used are left to the people who administer these agencies and these standards need to be set by our legislators and passed into mandatory law.

Click here to read a letter from Michigan Senator Harry Gast regarding expert witnesses!

Some of the goals and agenda of Children's Rights Advocacy is to promote legal reform regarding the current laws and procedures used by child welfare agencies, courts, and government funded programs, including but not limited to:
The lettering directly below symbolizes the current values, morals, and character that the United States Government has shown by its application of current child protection laws and not the intent of these laws.

There is a growing awareness, on a national level, that the child welfare and protection agencies have created a "CHILD PROTECTION INDUSTRY" that is rampant with negligence, fraud, and corruption. This is a serious issue and the main theme of this site. Hopefully this issue will become clearer as you explore the links on this page of other organizations who have also made children's issues and information available to the public. There are many important children's issues and problems with the child protection system. It is the firm belief of the author of this site that there are serious problems, and that far too many children are not being protected while many of the administrator's of government and taxpayer funded child welfare programs are getting rich and using fraud for self advancement in this "INDUSTRY!"

It is possible that someday our society, social services and the court system may actually work to demand protection of our most precious resource, the children. Until then the Internet may be one of the most significant factors in presenting these issues and building awareness of the needs our children have and their rights to society's protection and respect for children and a child's rights to the many wonders and positive experiences of childhood. The rights of all children to learn and grow while experiencing the wonder and joy of life is also an important factor for any civilized society to be motivated to encourage and protect its own future.

I asked the Chimpanzee if he thought the United States Government is willing to recognize and correct its own errors, misconduct, fraud and corruption in the taxpayer funded child welfare programs!

If what is decided to be right for Social Workers, Expert Witnesses, Courts, Prosecutors, Judges and the Parents, is wrong for the child then it was not right to begin with!


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Corruption within the court system is a serious issue.

I have tried my best to make available for the Internet searcher a web site of high quality links and reliable information. Since 1997, I have received several e-mails from individuals who are upset with some of the links I have provided and information, ideas and agenda provided by other organizations that I have chosen to link to this web site. I want to make it clear that I am a Children's Rights Advocate and I do not endorse any group, whatsoever, involved with mother's, father's, or any parent's rights issues.

The links that I do provide on this web site are specifically for the Internet searcher and I have taken into account that some of the visitors to this web site are not seeking the information I have presented and  hoped would be of value, so I have chosen to make these searches for those who visit this web site somewhat easier and I hope they do find what they were looking for while passing through this web site. [I also hope that after these people have found what they are looking for that they may decide to return to this web site and take another look at what is available at this web site.]

One last thing. Many people who e-mail me, and also probably e-mail many others asking for advice, or other legal specific information, have failed to include the State for which their case or situation is involved in. These people need to understand that laws vary from State to State and some of these laws vary significantly to the degree that what may be right, correct, or legal in one State may not be right, correct, or legal in another State. For those people who do intend to ask questions and make inquiries through the Internet you must be aware that it is very important to include what State your situation is involved in.

Another word of caution to those who are making inquiries. No one, not even an attorney, can give you any reliable answers to your specific case and legal situation unless they have personally reviewed your court case file which includes the motions, responses, and other related court filings and more specifically the actual court orders that have entered. If you have not been to court yet and know that you are going to court and all there is in your case file is the initial pleadings, motions or filings and the court has yet to enter an order you are in a far better position to achieve a favorable result than the person who has been involved with the court process to the point that the court has entered orders and now an appeal must be filed.

I really hope that the visitors to this web site are not looking for last minute desperate answers because the truth is that the information you now need should have been researched and obtained long before it became "urgent" to do the research in order for you to fully benefit from it.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for and I hope this web site helps you get these answers. After visiting this web site I hope you will now see that there is a need to get involved and work for change so that these injustices do not continue to happen to others, or even possibly to your own children, or to their children.

Terry L. Fesler
Three Rivers, Michigan
Children's Rights Advocacy