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From Jon Melville
I think after the second half performance on we have shown that we can play some very promising football. Our worst error at the moment seems to be staying calm in front of goal. Once we can start converting our chances to goals as we finally managed to do with 15 to play we stand a good chance of the play-offs (maybe more??!!). Did anyone hear Leo's comments on Radio Essex - he was right.
From Dean Weaving
the kid from york is some idiot, who does he think he is. If little says there good give'em a chance just coz york are crap and they could not play well for a crap team does not mean they will not be good for a great team like southend. We are going up so york SHUT UP!!!

From Will Tolson of "Red and Blue Net"
Thank Alan Little for me. I'm so glad he's taken Tolson and Connelly off our hands. He may be giving them rave reviews right now but you'll be less than convinced when you see them in action, particularly Connelly. I was just reading Alan Little's comments about him. 'A direct and pacey winger who likes to go past people' - nothing could be much further from the truth I'm afraid. He ducks out of every challenge, can't cross a ball to save his life and the day he goes past someone is the day I eat my scarf. He's possibly Alan Little's worst ever signing for York City. I don't think Tolson will get 20 goals a season. He's prone to injury and just isn't a natural goalscorer. As for 'he decided to turn down a new contract with City' - that was only whilst Little was at the helm. Everyone was sick of lazy Tolson and as soon as Neil Thompson was put in charge, we tried to sell him to Rushden and Diamonds and there was never any sign of a new contract coming. All I can say is that I hope they do a damn sight more for you than they did for us, otherwise you're in trouble. That said, I wish you all the best for next season, and look forward to visiting Roots Hall and jeering the joker they call a 'manager' - Alan Little.
Alan Little did rake in 3 million or so for us but overall he also spent 1 million which is the most money any City manager has ever had to spend and he made some attrocious signings within that period of time. As to whether he got us up, there is some debate over that - he inherited an excellent team and took it apart and with the money and players at his disposal, we should've been looking for more than survival. Still, to an extent, a lot of it comes down to the chairman but Neil Thompson has shown he has the guts to make big decisions and Alan Little never had that quality. Anyway, at least we should be looking a solid outfit in the third and I think Southend should do okay, as long as they don't sign too many more of our transfer listed players!
Tinkler is a completely different kettle of fish to Connelly. I would love for him to stay at Bootham Crescent. He's a top class lower division midfielder. He's a bit of a nut case but he's skillful, a great passer of the ball, strong and good in the tackle - basically the complete opposite of Connelly! He is probably one of the best signings Little ever made for us, other than Alan Pouton who is now out of contract. Why Thompson has put Tinks up for sale is a mystery but to be honest, I trust Thompson - he's barely put a foot wrong so far. I just hope what he's doing is right. City are asking 100k for Tinks but they'd probably accept about 80k.

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