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168 Hurontario

Street  Collingwood, Ontario

L9Y-2M2  (705) 444-7264



The Shorin-Kan Dojo is located in beautiful Collingwood, Ontario, which lies at the base of Blue Mountain and on Georgian Bay, about 110 miles north of Toronto. Traditional Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do and Kobudo are taught in conjunction with classical Okinawan culture, history and, philosophy. Classes are held six days per week and offer instruction for students aged 4 and up. The structure of the classes focus on a non-competitive format and thus allows the student develop and train in a more relaxed atmosphere and at their own pace. The purpose of the dojo is to teach and preserve the Okinawan traditions and help promote the well being of its practitioners.

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First Purify your mind

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There is no first attack in karate

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