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Programmes To Fit Your Needs

  The instructors at Shorin-Kan focus on traditional training which not only consists of rigorous physical conditioning but encompasses the history, philosophy and culture that is essential to the full understanding of traditional Karate-do. Our teaching methods focus on a mutual respect and understanding between the student and teacher, with a strong basis in self discipline rather than a strict militaristic regime.

Instructors focus on helping each student reach their full potential in a structured and caring atmosphere. All instructors are registered with the World Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-DO Association and the Canadian Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do Federation, and are first aid and CPR qualified.

J.K.(Junior Karate) ages 4 to 6 years

This class for children is designed to help with balance, co-ordination, flexibility, endurance, and confidence, through the use of basic Karate techniques. It is taught in a safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere and focuses on preparing the children for a learning environment.

Kids Classes ages 6 to 9 yearsashleykim1.jpg (164194 bytes)

Specifically developed for this age group, the class offers the challenge and satisfaction of learning and developing Karate skills through basics, katas, and various games. The primary goal is to build self-confidence and a respect for others in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Youth Classes ages 10 to 14 yearsnagamine lecture 1.JPG (37029 bytes)

Students in this class move at a slightly faster pace by combining moving basics and partner drills. This class provides a unique blend of physical activity with self-control, confidence and a respect for others, all of which are fundamentally essential at this stage of life in order to establish a physically and mentally secure lifestyle.


Adult classes ages 15 years and up

This class is designed for adults of all ages, regardless of gender or physical ability.  Each student works at their own pace in a structured and comprehensive environment.  The primary objective is to aid each person to achieve their full physical, mental and intellectual potential in the martial arts.


Kama.jpg (34329 bytes)Kobudo, or "ancient weapons art", was developed as an art of self defence during periods in the Okinawan history when the country was under subjugation and weapons were not permitted. With ingenuity, the Okinawans learned to defend themselves with whatever came to hand during times of conflict.  Many of the implements used in Kobudo were farming and fishing implements used day to day in feudal times, while others were policing weapons used by the gentry responsible for civil protection.  Some of the classical weapons taught at the dojo are Bo, Sai, Tuifa, Kama, and Nunchaku. Classes in Kobudo are by invitation, and are open only to those who are currently enrolled in the karate program, with a minimum of one year training.

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