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Brief Explanation Of


       Simply put, Karate is an upright form of self -defense.  Traditional Karate focuses primarily on pre-arranged sets of movements called Kata kata application called kat bunkai, and kumite drills. Through analysis and repetition of these Kata and drills, Karate builds both physical and mental strength and endurance.  Aside from the obvious physical benefits Karate provides, including improved muscle tone, motor skills and physical control, cardiovascular training, and increased flexibility, Karate provides many mental benefits as well.  Karate is not an aggressive sport but one of self-betterment. Karate can help people become more tolerant of others as well as give them pride in themselves.

    Developed over a period of several centuries on the tiny island of Okinawa, the art has progressed from being a highly effective form of fighting to a complete way of life, developing a high degree of self-confidence and understanding in its practitioners, and helping them to lead harmonious and meaningful lives.  Although generally known as one of the most effective forms of self -defense known to mankind. Karate is much more. One if its main objectives is the harmonious development of mind and body.

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