Thomas J Gormley DMD
Electro Meridian Imaging

Modern acupuncture techniques include electronic and compluter testing that is very accurate in measuring energy imbalances of the body. Dr Gormley uses the electro meridian imaging, EMI, diagnostic test to measure the body's natural energy at specific locations on the skin. There are 24 locations that are measured either on the feet or the hands. This test is gentle and easy for patients. It makes use of a moist Q-tip attached to the computer to detect slight changes in the energy at these locations. From the results Dr Gormley can create a computer generated graph that shows whether energy flow is in or out of balance along the 12 major energy meridians of the body. Dr Gormley can show you the results on the computer screen immediately.
Dr Gormley uses the results of the EMI test to give him a guide of where to use acupressure stimulation. Acupressure treatment can be done right after the test and is also easy and comfortable. Depending on the results of the EMI guided acupressure, patients may need no further treatment, additional treatment, or even an appointment for additional testing. Many times patients begin to feel improved after the first test and first treatment is completed. The test takes about 5 to 10 minutes and treatment can take a similar time. Sometimes the EMI can detect problems and guide solutions that very expensive and sophisticated medical testing cannot detect.
Please call Jay at (973)-759-2100 to schedule an EMI test.

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