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Grand Champions 2006

Yes... we're still here... Or at least *someone* has new horses. So far, new GCs have been spotted in Germany and abroad, while very little has stirred on the North American front. Wich might be a good thing, come to thing about it... Why, you ask? One word: Zebras. I'm not kidding. Complete with tack and all the works. I'm seriously hoping this a great myth and won't actually make it to the production line, becuase as we all know, Zebras are not horses; they would rather not be ridden.

But after the Horse Country fiasco, anything is possible...

Oh well, here's hoping for the best! *crosses fingers*

New Horses in the UK

These horses were spotted by Nargil, and it looks like they'll be out later this year! These lovely ladies don't have names (yet?!) but are simply identified as a palomino "Foster Mare", and chestnut "Stable Mare". Actually, the chestnut does remind me of Smooth Moves in the best kind of way. *G* Can't wait to see them in person, look at all that yummy shadding! The last mare is the new Gypsy Vanner mare, complete with long mane & tail to match the new Gypsy Vanner stallion wich was released last year. Personally, I think I like Lady Fair's markings a bit better, but that new hair is awsome! Thanks to Angela for the picture of her mare :)

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New Horses in Germany

And other big thanks goes out to Anna-Sofie, who once again is our eyes and ears on the other side of the world. New GC Horses have been popping up in Germany, and they look as good as ever!

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These lovely Chestnuts are the Westfaler Family. While the stallion looks a little dwarfed in his over-sized saddle blanket (it *is* cold in Germany, this time of year!) the set has all the charisma we're used to seeing from our Grand Champions.

Here are some great new "Stable Friends" to join the herd!

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These classic-style horses are another breath of fresh air. The third mare seems to be the same "mustang" mare from the following year, but what's that on the box? And on her friend's boxes too? Are they NAMES? The Palomino mare is called "Amady", the bay stallion - who is *much* darker in real life - is "Jumpy"(!), and the sorrel mare (last year's Mustang mare) is now "Sunny". Well. At least they have names, I guess? Actually, I kind of like Amady...

And a few more accessories....

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Riders seem to be the new big thing. They look quite decent - and that puppy is cute! (It's also interesting to notice that the "names" are changed on the horses; perhapse they're not really names at all. But what are you going to do with an "I love Jumpy!" sticker, really?)

I wonder how long we on the otherside of the ocean have to wait before our horses actually come with accessories too? Ah, if wishes were GC horses...

New Playsets ~

What's a horse without a job to do? A little bored, perhaps, but luckily these two sets will ensure bordom never befalls a GC owner!

The first set is a Winter Wonderland carriage ride with what looks to be a re-release of the Sear's Catalogue Shire mare :) The carriage itself is lovely, and the riders... well, the carriage is just lovely :D

The second set features Lurch, our notorious HC stallion, done up as a dandy little pinto. He comes complete with all accessories you need to set up your favorite western games - from barrel racing to pole bending to a cross-country course. It's really a nice set, if only they'd used another horse!

Here's having our fingers crossed for 2007: BRING BACK GC HORSES TO NORTH AMEREICA!!

On to 2007!

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