Grand Champion Horses 1998
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Grand Champions 1998

Here are the Stallions and Mares for the '98 set. There are some truly beautiful horses here; this might be my favorite release year, they are all finely and thoughtfully detailed. But have you ever seen those colours on Clydesdales?


To the left is the *correct* pose for the Fox Trotter Stallion. Thanks, Renee!

Arabian: "Pure Brilliance"
Clydesdale Stallion: "Canal King"
Dutch Warmblood: "Escapade"
Thoroughbred: "Tokyo Pride"
Morgan: "Tried and True"
Missouri Fox Trotter: "Outstretch"


Arabian mare: "Perseverance"
Clydesdale mare: "Medusa"
Dutch Warmblood: "Duchess"
Thoroughbred: "Mon Cherie"
Morgan: "Smooth Move"
Missouri Fox Trotter: "Slide Rule"

This was also a "great" year for having horses that didn't quite match thier product pictures. For starters, there's that poor Fox Trotter Stallion, who wasn't even shown in the correct pose! Besides that, there are the little things... like socks. Many '98 horses have different socks then what they're shown with; "Slide Rule", for instance, dosen't have a single sock, even though she's shown with two. And "Duchess", well, I think we need to see a real picture of Duchess:

Wow... what is it with GC warmbloods?! We haven't seen colours this wild since the 1995 set! (I know they look pale cream in that picture, but they really are LOUD and ORANGE. Trust me. Though not quite this orange... )

As you can see, Duchess has one sock, not four, and she's not red-chestnut... she is eye soar day-glo orange! Yeeowch!

Her stallion counterpart, Escapade, is also not red-chestnut (luckily he isn't orange), just a dove-strawberry colour. (Thanks to Baltoship for the picture of Duchess and Aly for Escapde)

Besides the warmbloods, the Morgan Mare "Smooth Move", has colour problems; she dosn't have the pretty nut-brown hair she's pictured with - she's actually auburn! It clashes, but unlike the warm bloods I have seen this colour on a real morgan - it's a shade of liver chestunt.

Here she is, my be-a-U-tiful morgan mare, whom I call "Luck of the Irish". *G* She really does look it, don't you think? Certinally not the colour she's pictured with on her backcard, but an amazing little mare all the same.

I snapped this picture to show the real colour of her hair. (You can still see Balto's great pic of her own mare at Blue Paradise Stables) As you can see, Smooth Moves is much more a liver chestnut then her picture lets on. And a little more of the "old country" then american morgan... It's that auburn hair... *G*

Ah, simply stunning... GC at it's best...

Alas, there were no foals to complete this year, save for the Mail Order Clydesdale Twins, both as cute as a button!

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