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Grand Champions 2005

After much speculation as to WHAT was becoming of the Grand Champions, since no horses have been spotted in North America for a WHOLE YEAR, it seems that European market is alive and well, thanks to Revell Germany. And thanks so much to Anne-Sofie for finding us these pictures of the new horses. With luck, more pictures will be available soon!

Our theme this year seems to be "Nature"...

One more "New Arrival"

It's true!

For all of you people out there who drooled over the newborn foal but recoiled in dismay at the fact that it had been released in a FNN set, this will be the best news you hear all year! (and possibly next, too, but that's a completely different story) The set has just been re-released - with the classic trotting mare!

While the shading on the mare is a bit simple, I'm sure she's a huge improvement over the foal's last counterpart (after all, what's the point of a nuzzle-magnet when the mare has nothing to *stick* too?) They do make a dandy pair! A big huge thanks goes out to Sara Kucharski for sharing pictures of her new mare and foal set - you've given us all something to look forward to!

And we have... Plushies?

Okay. So I have no commentary for these guys, besides the fact that they're soft, fuzzy, and I've seen better stuffed horses come out of the dollar store. Why do you get the feeling that the people at the company say each morning of the GC line, "Cool! We own a toy company!" and not "Cool! We own a model horse company!" I just hope this "branching out" dosen't interfere with the continued development of great model horses.

New Horses!

And what have we have here? Why, they're FRIESIANS! Yes, really.

At least they're what GC would have us believe are friesians... After all, only GC is so utterly terrified of having black horses that they have made us grey lippizaner foals, so really, an off-brown (prehaps, heavily sun-faded?) freisian seems like the next logical step. *shakes head* I have NO IDEA what they were thinking. Personally, I think jet-black horses are beautiful...

If you squint, they not a half-bad set of Andaulsians, though... but definately not Friesians.

Keeping with the European GC Tradition, a few of the returning families have been *tweeked*. On the left is a brand-new Gypsy Vanner Stallion, to replace Moon River (though really, of all horses to replace, why him?). And, while our buckskin mustang stallion returns, he comes with a new sorrel mare and foal. Now aren't they pretty!

New Horse & Rider sets

Well, here we have it... what we feared all along - those horrible Horse Country stallions have invaded the GC line! *sheds a tear* I suppose there was no stopping it, was there? But man, these horses are awful.... On that note, of all *normal* GC Stallions to include in the sets, they have to go with the moosey gaited one. I guess there's no accounting for some people's taste.
The trailer is kind of interesting to begin with, and look at all those cool accesories you get with it! And, that wonky HC stallion... well, I guess nothing's perfect. Of course, you might not get very far with this set anyway, seeing how we're missing the truck...

And to add novelty to novelty, what do we have here? A vaulting set! Becuase, vaulting your horse is such a popular sport...

Horses and Nature ~
The Riders & Accessories

Horses and nature have always been a natural equation. What better time is there then hacking through the open countryside and quiet forests with nothing but your closest companion and friend? And, if you want some *human* company to share it with, we have Barbie & Ken look-alikes as riders now, too.

One small light admid all the chaos is the fact that GC Horses will FINALLY have accessories again! These began popping up in Europe & the UK in the last few years, so here's hoping that they make thier way back to North America.

Here, we have a trail riding set, featuring that moosy-nosed HC stallion, as well as everything you need to spend a night under the stars. I believe the new riders are also included in these sets.

Don't forget the nifty camp fire set too - so you can burn the forest down while you're at it.

A Few More...

Last but not leas, we have, a) New Horse & Rider set, b) a Micro Mini with Carriage set, and c) Royal Jubilee... with english setters? (becuase, Jutlands are such popular fox hunters) Are you as confused as I am?

Thanks to everyone who has helped find these pictures of new products as they arrive :) So... what else lies in store for 2005? Especally on the North American front? Well, we'll have to wait and see!

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