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Grand Champions 2001
- a horse odessy!

The year 2001 is barely done, and there's still a lot to see! I thought I would begin by changing the background colour; GC's packaging went from natural turquoise to a rather girlish mauve; is this a good marketing move? As well, Empire toys went under in December 2000; lucky for us, it was bought by Alpha International. New ideas are in the works. What will this bring? We'll have to wait and see!

The best innovation to arrive this year is the wonderful Clydesdale family sets - what cute, cute families! You can see them on the Family Page. Check them out!

The regular run horses of 2001 were definitely a horse odyssey - and a lovely one at that. Seen for the first time since the early nineties are such lovely models as the "classic" and "running" stallion poses. And I think they still look simply marvelous!

The Mares
The Stallions
These are the mares for the 2001 set; aren't they beautiful! From top left across and down they are: Clydesdale: "Lovely Lass"
Paint: "Dosie Doe"
Thoroughbred: "Willow Wind"
Sorrel: "Petal to the Metal"
Lippizaner: "Princess Perdita"
Morab: "Miss Congeniality".
These are the stallion for the 2001 set. From top left across and down they are:
Clydesdale: "Sir Triston"
Paint: "Lucky's Lone Star"
Thoroughbred: "Firestorm"
Sorrel: "Sonic Boom"
Lippizanner: "Senior Valador"
Morab: "Chief Justice"

Here are the darling foals from 2001. They were only avaible through the mail-away offer advertised on the back of the 2002 packages - all the more reason to tally up those points!

First row, left to right:

Clydesdale - Twister
Pinto Quarter Horse - Cactus
Thoroughbred - Whispering Ash

And now the second row:

Lippizaner - Pequeno Acrobata
Bay Morab - Peaceful Judgment
Sorrel Quarter Horse - Greased Lightning

Most of these foals are quite beautiful, just like thier parents. I especially love the colouring on the Greased Lightning, who really does look like a baby Bronze Baron! But what the heck is that with a grey lippizaner foal? Will they ever learn?

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