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Grand Champions 2002
(and some 2003 late arrivals)

I can't think of a set more antisipated as this - pictures went up nearly a year ago, but when they would actually get here had left a lot of us scratching our heads. At long last, 2002 horses have arrived and are in stores now! So check out your favorite toy department as they prepare for the christmas season :)

This year brings us fantastic new horses - like Gypsy Vanners, who are indeed georgeous! And even more so, each horse comes with highly detailed tack & personalized saddle blankets and ribbons. While I've found the paint job on some of these horses to be lacking the detail & care of preivous years, they make up for in in sheer whimsy! This is one incrediable set :)

Don't forget to see all the new families - Clydesdales, Quarter Horses & more - on the Family Pages!

First row - Mares - from left ot right:
Bay Blanket Appaloosa "Ah-Pah-Ahl", Arabain "Ice Sculpture", and Gypsy Vanner Mare "Lady Fair".
Second Row - Stallions - from left to right:
Black Appaloosa "Mr. Chip", Arabian "Fire Flame" or "Blazing Glory", and Gypsy Vanner Stallion "Moonriver".

Here's another picture of Fire Flame, showing his alternative pose, which was available in most countries. He came with the same tack & car in both cases; thanks to Riikka for the picture!

This is the first half of the 2003 set, and I'm completely take by the Gypsy Vanners - the are as lovely in person, there tack is so nifty! My only qualm would have to be the appaloosas... the black stallion's blanket looks unfourtunately cartoonish... but he's probably going to be a keeper nontheless ;)

The Horses of 2002.5

Now this is where things are going to get *confusing*. The second half of the '02 set was not available in most countries untill the end of 2003. Whether this actually makes them the 2003 horses is then up to debate, but I've set them here since thier foals came at the same time. It's also interesting to note that the QH's probably had thier names mixed up at the factory... seeing which one is actually *gold* and all....

First row - Mares -
Polo Pony "Lightning", Hunter "Silver Lady", and Quarter Horse Mare "Braveheart".
Second row - Stallions -
Polo Pony "Senior Poncho", Hunter "Sir Blitzer", and Quarter Horse Stallion "American Gold".

The are a few other changes this year; first of all, the boxes nolonger have the horses' portrait on the back, but a great illustraion of different horses & their riders. And Blue Ribbon Points are back too - featuring the BOTH foals from 2001 & 02 in sets of two.

From left to right top :

Appaloosa - Spicy Salsa
Polo Pony - Siesta
Hunter - Silver Mist

And now the bottom:

Arabian - Golden Sunshine
Gypsy Vanner -Fair Skies
Quarter Horse - Heart of Gold

Here they are! Only avaible through the mail-away offer on the back of the 2002 packages, here's another good reason to tally up those points!

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