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Grand Champions 1997

With the successes of the earlier models, the Grand Champion family continued to grow and expand. New products were added - Micro Mini Horse, Nuzzle Stallion and Mares, Sound n Action Stallions, Collector Classics; check out all these great horses in the Main Menu!

These are the classic horse relased in 1997. They are all truly beautiful, making this possibly the greatest example of horses ever produced. This year had some exciting new additions, like the Clydesdale; aren't they simply magnificent? The detail, from the horses down to thier personalized tack, make this one of the most sought-after years amoung fanciers.

The Stallions

These are beautiful stallions! Can't seem to say that enough, can I? Well, they are! They came with bright new tack and even fancy woven saddle blankets; a pleasant step up from those plain felt pads; the ones in this catologue picture are not showing the correct tack or blanket for every horses (and Perfect Match even seems to be caught in his reins - how silly!) if you would like to see it, click here.

From left to right:

Clydesdale Stallion - Drum Major
Quarter Horse Stallion - Coronado
Spanish Barb Stallion - Senior Speedy
Akhal-Teke Stallion - Bronze Baron
Trakehner Stallion - Perfect Match
Tennessee Walker Stallion - Memphis Pride

The Mares

And these would be the lovely ladies! At last, we have a wonderful selection of mare poses, instead of the first two. And like the stallions, they also have fancy new tack. The mares in this picture are not all wearing thier correct tack; if you would like to see it, simply click here.
These lovely ladies are:

Clydesdale Mare - Molly
Quarter Horse - Suger Blaze
Spanish Barb - Sienna Silk
Akhal-Teke - Red Gold
Trakehner Mare - Over Easy
Tennessee Walker - Lady Trooper

The mares too had many great new models to add to the collection, as well as utilizing well-loved classics. I am not sure if this set is hard to find, but I was unable to find *any* mares for sale in stores in my area!


The foals are simply adorable! I want them all! *G*
Spanish Barb "Silk 'n' Speedy", Tennessee Walker "Memphis Trooper", and Trakehner "Easy Does It"
Akhal-Teke "Red Baron", Quarter Horse "Coronado Blaze", and the Clydesdale "Major Max"
Note that the blankets are not nessesarily the ones sold with the foal.

This was the last set of horses to be released in Australia for four long years. They were an odd sets to find in Canada, and I am currently looking for most of the mares & foals from these years. If you have information, or any that you want to trade or sell, let me know!

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