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Real Places I Have Been & Lived

After coming back from Korea & out of the Marine's in 1954 I settled in California.  I started a family and very little time to do any outside hobbies while working long hours.
My neighbor had somewhat of a gold accumulation and that caught my eye.  I was going to get rich quick--nothing to it, I thought.  That was my first mistake.  I had a small claim I worked when possible and found gold but not as easy as I thought it would be. 
But that old gold bug bit me and it has taken to my retirement years before I could ever get back into it.
Of course living in Oklahoma now there is many more miles to drive to get to the places to find the gold.   Sure makes a nice vacation though.
In Oklahoma the salt plains has some good looking crystals and in the central area you can find a rose shaped rock.  Will have some pictures later on of the crystals.
About 250 miles from me is the Crater of Diamonds near Murfreesboro,  Arkansas.   They have a 35.5 acre field, it is the only diamond area in North America open to the public.  Over 70,000 diamonds have been found & an average of 600 a year.  1924 'The Uncle Sam' a 40.23 carats was the largest so far.  You pay a small fee for all day, they have sifters, buckets & etc for rent or take your own.  From where you camp it is about a mile hike, you may want to keep that in mind.  You can e-mail them at:  for information to be sent to you.

Haven't found one this big yet--still trying

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