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Vein Mountain, NC GPAA & LDMA Meet

We met some of the nicest people we have ever met.  To begin with it looked like a disaster when we made it to Vein Mt. It was a primitive camp as far as hooking up.  There was only a few electric hook ups and they would only handle 20 voltage because so many others was hooking up to one outlet. 
I was just a GPAA member at that time and could not hook up until noon of the day before the meet.  Needless to say most of the better spots had been taken.  If you are a LDMA member you may hook up anytime. 
We had just bought our old motor home a few months before taking off on our adventure.  Wasn't for sure how any of it would work.  Where we hooked up was in between a tent & a half million dollar motor home (my wife wants one for Christmas, not the tent).
All of the people was wonderful and we would get together at night for a wiener & marshmallow roast, had not had one of those for years.  We developed good friendships that we plan on hooking up with next spring.  Just a few are Bill (Wildbull) & Dianne, Bobby (Bill's son) & Pam, Reecie (aka B. B.) & Forrest, Frank & Bonnie, Susanne & Richard & hopefully we will get to visit with Liz of the Lucky Strike mine (& Don).  People go all over the world and we have the very best right here at home.
If nothing else I hope this web page will prepare us for what we need to take with us and what to expect when we get there.
We may have got somewhat spoiled after staying at Lucky Strike where they have good hook ups, bath house, ample parking, good food (best hamburgers you ever ate) & a dump station.  If you are in the area, either stay there or say hello to Liz & my wife's buddy, the caretaker Don.   

Vein Mountain, NC-Sept. 2000
Working the dig

Lucky Strike Mine, NC--Sept. 2000
Getting ready for the dig

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