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Newly found information on My Hill Family

Alot of this information came from my sister's site, and she has most of it posted as private...I aplogize for any inconvience this may have in finding your line here.

DeLyle Francis Hill, born 10 September 1904, Milan, Washtenaw County, Michigan; deceased 21 March 1976, Pinehill Cemetery, Cheboygan, Cheboygan County, Michigan. His occupation was a Chiropractor.
First marriage to Olga Hill (maiden name unknown), b. & d. unknown, divorced 30 September 1957, Reno, Washoe County, Nevada.
Second marriage to Marilyn Yvonne Schiller on 30 September 1957 in Reno, Washoe County, Nevada; b. 12 September 1935, Michigan; d. 11 April 1983, Levering Cemetery, Levering, Emmet County, Michigan. Children: Six living children Private

DeLyle Hill parents are:

Francis Hill, born 20 June 1841, place of birth Stanton under Bardon, Leicestershire, England; deceased 4 April 1904 in Milan, Washtenaw County, Michigan of Typhoid Fever. His occupation was Wholesale Poultry. Maria Lamkin, born Est. September 1865 in Michigan, d. 24 August 1932 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. Her occupation was Housewife.

Francis Hill Parents:

Francis/Frank Hill b. Est. 1803 in Barlestone, Leicestershire, England and Ann Baley/Bailey b. Est. 1816, Nailstone, Leicestershire, England. Children: Ann Hill, b. Est. 1834, Stanton under Bardon, Leicestershire, England; d. unknown. Francis Hill, b. 20 June 1841, Stanton under Bardon, Leicestershire, England; d. 1904

Maria Lamkin Parents:

Benjamin W. Lamkin, born 10 December 1836, place of birth Raisinville Township, Michigan, married 1 April 1891, to Eunice Johnson, b. 1 December, 1836 in New York; d. WFT Est. 1894-1932; his d. 15 July, 1920, Milan, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Benjamin W. Lamkin parents:

Oziah Lamkin, b. 10 March, 1808 in New York, m. WFT Est. 1839-1853, d. 10 March, 1855; and Laura Martin, b. 28 May, 1811 in Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York, d. 28 May, 1960.
Laura Martin parents:
Elijah Martin, b. WFT Est. 1760-1789, m. WFT Est. 1801-1833; and Hannah Herkimer, b. WFT Est. 1769-1792, d. WFT Est. 1814-1880.

Francis Hill:
First marriage to Mary Burton on 3 February 1861 in Leicester, England; d. 1889.
Anna Hill, b. 3 January, 1863, Stanton under Bardon, Leicestershire, England; d. 4 November,1884.
Emmaline Hill, b. 20 November 1864; d. WFT Est. 1865-1958.
Francis Hill, b. 22 October, 1866; d. WFT Est. 1867-1956.
George Hill, b. 9 May, 1870; d. WFT Est. 1871-1960.
Isaac Hill, b. 9 March 1872; d.25 February 1904.
Charles Hill, b. 21 June 1873; d. 28 June 1892 in "Dakota" of tuberculosis; recorded in Book 2, page 141, Record # 377.
Frea Hill, b. 21 June 1875; d. WFT Est. 1876-1969.
Second marriage to Maria Lamkin on 8 July 1889.
Eunice Ann Hill, b. 17 February, 1890; d. Est. 1966, in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. Married name was Beens.
Harry Hill, b. 14 September, 1892;d. WFT Est. 1893-1982.
Harold Hill, b. 8 February, 1894; d. WFT Est. 1895-1984.
Flora Hill, b. 19 November 1889 in Milan, Washtenaw County, Michigan, d. 22 September 1972 in Troy, Oakland County, Michigan at White Chapel Memorial Cemetery. Married name was Lashley and survived by three daughters: Mrs. Helen Lake of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, Mrs. June Anderson of Redondo Beach, Los Angles County, California, and Mrs. Ruth Barrow of Troy, Oakland County, Michigan; four grandchildren; four g-grandchildren.
Alice Hill, b. 28 March, 1900, Milan, Washtenaw County, Michigan; d. January 4, 1958, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.
DeLyle Francis Hill, b. 10 September, 1904, Milan, Washtenaw County, Michigan; d. 21 March, 1976, Cheboygan, Cheboygan County, Michigan.

Alice Hill was born 28 March, 1900 in Milan, Washtenaw County, Michigan, and died 4 January, 1958 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. Her first marriage Forest Love, WFT Est. 1928-1952. Her second marriage Oswald Thomas Neumann on 12 September, 1921 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, son of Andrew Neumann and Caroline.
Child of first marriage:
Gladys Love, b. Private.
Children of second marriage:
Gladys Agnes Neumann, b. Private. Lillian Susan Neumann, b. Private. Marion Ledia Neumann, b. Private. Francena Alice Neumann, b. Private. Walter Andrew Neumann, b. Private.

Gladys Agnes Neumann was born Private. She met Kenneth Francis Clair, b. Private, son of John Clair and Agnes Yantch.
Donald Patrick Clair, b. Private. Nancy Marie Clair, b. Private. Robert Francis Clair, b. Private. William Thomas Clair, b. Private. Kathleen Ann Clair, b. Private. James Kenneth Clair, b. Private. John Jospeh Clair, b. Private. Mary Margeret Clair, b. Private. Patricia May Clair, b. Private. Michial Edward Clair, b. Private. Janet Colleen Clair, b. Private.

Lillian Susan Neumann was born Private. She met Kenneth Glaspie, b. Private.
Tim Glaspie, b. Private.

Donald Patrick Clair was born Private. He met Sharon Clair Spaulding, b. Private, daughter of Kenneth Spaulding and Georgia Taylor.
Gary Kenneth Clair, b. Private. Susan Ann Clair, b. Private. Donna Marie Clair, b. Private.

Nancy Marie Clair was born Private. She met Valentine Anthony "Val" Gursky, b. Private.
Scott Matthew Gursky, b. Private. Steven Micheal Gursky, b. Private. Stacy Marie Gursky, b. Private. Sean Mathew Gursky, b. Private.

Robert Francis Clair was born Private. He met Debbie Arness, b. Private.
Paul Clair b. Private.

William Thomas Clair was born 4 April, 1949 in Detroit, Michigan, and died 19 August 1982 in Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County, Florida. He met Sandra Harper, b. Private.
Jeffrey Clair, b. Private. Kimberly Clair, b. Private.

Kathleen Ann Clair was born Private.
Annette Dawn Schaf, b. Private. Stefanie Marie Schaf, b. Private.

James Kenneth Clair was born Private. He met Deboran Ann Burkart, b. Private; daughter of John Burkart and Mary McInnes.
Kevin James Clair, b. Private. Elizabeth Ann Clair, b. Private. Seth Andrew Clair, b. Private. Colleen Clair, b. Private.

Mary Margeret Clair was born Private. She met Ronald Luketich, b. Private.
William Laurence Luketich are: Lora Ann Luketich, b. Private. Michael John Luketich, b. Private.

Any new information that I find will appear here or perhaps on a new page.


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