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My father DeLyle Hill was born in Milan Michigan, in 1904. He was perviously married to a lady,unknown name, unknown location. He married my mother, Marilyn Schiller in 1957 at Reno Nevada, on September 30th, being that there was 30 years in age difference, they eloped. Which in effect, caused problems between family members on both turn {BLACKSHEEP} was the term used back then. Where both sides of the family didn't agree with their relationship. And decided not to associate for a great many years. My mother Marilyn had six children {the youngest of them being me}. My mother and father were forced to seperate while she was pregnant for me due to the fact my father took on to heavy drinking.. They continued to see each other secretly, in which he passed away in March of 1976. Due to chronic lung desease, and chronic alcohalism. My mother never remarried. She passed away in April 1983. Due to diabetes related complications. My father was buried in the Pinehill Cemetary in Cheboygan, Michigan. My mother was buried in Carp Lake, Michigan.

My father, DeLyle was a practicing Chiroprator in and around Cheboygan, Michigan. My mother Marilyn was a house wife. With six children at home I can understand why!

In what I am told, being I was way too young to remeber my father, he was a small man, not too tall, really skinny, {probably due to the alcohalism} and he learned the Chiroprator business by going to China with his family while he was young.

I have very little information
on my fathers side of the family, due to the {BLACKSHEEP} thing. But would be interested if anyone else does. Perhaps you have some information on him or his family that could lead to a connection in families???

Sister to DeLyle Hill: I have found this out of the Detroit Legal News about Eunice Ann Beens, aka, Eunice A. Beens, and Eunice Beens.. State of Michigan- probate court for the County of Wayne, Estate of Eunice Beens deceased, It is ordered that on December 26, 1967, at 2:30 p.m. in Probate Court Room 1309,Detroit . A hearing be held at which all creditors of said deceased are required to prove their claims. Creditors must file sworn claims with the court and serve a copy on Archibald L Harper,administrator of said estate, 2426 Guardian Building, Detroit, Mi 48226 proir to said hearing. Publication and service shall be made as provided by statute and court rule Dated: October 16, 1967. {this was registered mail to my father DeLyle Hill}

Sister to DeLyle Hill: I also found an obitury for Mrs. Flora Lashlay from the Daily Tribune of Royal Oak, Michigan dated, Saturday, September 23, 1972. She was born November 19, 1889 in Milan. Surviving are there daughters, Mrs. Helen Lake, Albuquerque, N.M., Mrs. June Anderson, Redondo Beach Calf, Mrs. Ruth Barrow, Try: four grandchildren: four great-grandchildren; and one brother, D.F. Hill, Mackinaw City.

just a line

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