The LegendHold Boys

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Gray Dawn's Reveille CDX,PT,HT,ASCA-CD,TT,CGC,BHI,HD

June 15, 1995 -- May 1, 2008
Eye Check: Normal (possible non-carrier)
OFA Hips: Good
Gray Collie Status: Not checked

Reveille is sterile which is a real bummer!
It is with a heavy heart I have to announce that Reveille passed away on May 1st of Renal Failure just 1 month shy of his 13th birthday.
He was my very special blue boy and the last of an era.

Rev is Co-Owned with Mindy Marsh

Legend's Lone Star Gentleman CD,TT,CGC,HiC,BHI,HD
March 26, 1994 -- April 29, 2007
Eye Check: Mild CHC
OFA Hips: Excellent
MDR1: Not checked
Gray Collie Status: Not Checked
Austin is Neutered
Austin passed away just a month after his 13th birthday.
He just rapidly went down hill from old age problems,
stopped eating and drinking and couldn't stand up any more.
Now he's free of his worn out old body
and can go run up with his sister Breeze,
mother and all his littermates at the bridge.
He was the last of his litter.

"Everest" at 16 months old
Can CH (Am ptd)Bellagio Platium Pinnacle CDX,PT,JHD,TT,CGC,HiC
D.O.B.: May 18, 1999
Eye check: Normal eyed (CEA-carrier)
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
Cardiac Check: Heart Normal
MSU Thyroid Panel (2003): Normal
MDR1: N/m
Gray Collie: DNA tested-Non-carrier

Can CH LegendHold U'll Be N My Heart CD,PT,JHD,CGC
D.O.B.: November 3, 2003
Eye Check: Normal eyed (CEA-carrier)
OFA Hips: (being redone, x-ray was not good quality -pending)
OFA Elbows: Normal
Cardiac Check: Heart Normal
MSU Thyroid Panel: (pending)
MDR1: N/m
Gray Collie: Non-carrier (by Parentage)
"Tarzan" photo at 14 months old

New Title!
(Am CH ptd) Gold Hill's Designer Genes CD, PT, HCT(1), CGC

D.O.B.: December 15, 2004
EYE Check: DNA-Confirmed non-carrier for CEA
OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
Cardiac Check: Heart Normal
MSU Thyroid Panel: (pending)
MDR1: N/m
Gray Collie: DNA Tested-Non-carrier

"Calvin" Photo at 22 Months old

Photo at 2 years old

LegendHold Talent On Loan PT,(1/2 JHD)
D.O.B.: September 28, 2005
EYE Check: Mild CHC
OFA Hips: (pending)
OFA Elbows: (pending)
Cardiac Check: Normal (2008)
MSU Thyroid Panel: (pending)
MDR1: N/m
Gray Collie: Non-carrier (by parentage)

Photo at 18 Weeks old

(Am ptd) LegendHold The Leaky Cauldron
D.O.B.: June 11, 2007
EYE Check: Normal (carrier)
OFA Hips: (pending)
OFA Elbows: (pending)
Cardiac Check: (pending)
MSU Thyroid Panel: (pending)
MDR1: m/m
Gray Collie: Non-carrier (by parentage)


Musings on Owning a Stud Dog
Hello..... No, I'm sorry, Yes, I know that you will pay. He's not at public stud, what else am I to say. Why? I have show dogs in the house, and young puppies down the stairs, and rescues in my kennel, that don't go anywheres. Yes, they are the finest quality. Yes, I've CERF'd their eyes. Yes, they are the proper color. Yes, they are the proper size. Why don't I sell them then? I'm afraid it's folk like you, Looking for a bargain, or to breed a dog or two. You just want to use my dog, He's just something you can breed. Just to line your pockets. Just to fill your greed. You don't want to spay her, or keep her in a fence. You won't pay to show her, or train her for Obedience. You don't know the Standard, or the things I have gone through. To breed a quality litter, is not an easy thing to do. You don't want to check her hips, You won't check her eyes, You'll breed her to the neighbor's dog, Just like the "other guys". You'll sell the pups at six weeks old, At some little, "cut-rate" price, then you'll call yourself a breeder, And think the money's really nice. You won't use a contract, to require a neuter or spay. Your won't take a grown dog back, For that would cut into your pay. And other folks will take those pups, And breed and breed some more. Without concern for genetic health, Without knowing that their quality is poor. And more puppies will be sent away, to shelters, near and far. Or dumped out in the countryside, To be hit by a passing car. I'm sure you did not want to hear, all these ugly things that I have said. 'cause you don't "wanta' breed just show dogs", It means your profit margin's dead. Now, I'm sorry I have offended you, with all these things I say, but, I just got off the phone, with two others like you today. No, my males are not at public stud, and I don't care WHAT you'd pay. 'cause if you don't breed for quality, It's the all of the rest of us that pay. Marla Belzowski -- LegendHold Collies

LegendHold Males are NO LONGER available to outside bitches.
I will not place any puppies on limited registration alone. For more details contact me directly.
-- "Yes, I AM the Mother-in-Law"