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Bumpin' -N- Grindin'

Welcome to Bumpin' -N- Grindin' with 'N Sync. We must warn you, this is not a "We love 'N Sync" site (even though we do). This site contains some humor, so for those easily offended, or those who believe their boys are perfect, you may not wish to read on. But those who enjoy a good laugh, and realize that God did not make anyone perfect, stay, look around, -n- enjoy!


Dudes! I am soooo busy right now, and I'm having trouble keeping this site up. But If I can think of anything really cool to put on here I will, so keep coming back, JUSTIN case.

Hold the pickle

MMMMK. Please don't write me to tell me how much you hate *N Sync and my web page. A quick solution might be to not go onto the N Sync sites, if you hate them so much, that is. Just a thought...


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Why B-Rok rocks my world

American Music Awards 2000

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An actual Guestbook entry:
"since when are you allowed to critize brittney spears?..."
Since December 15, 1791, When the Bill of Rights was ratified. It's called freedom of speech, you communist.

Ya' Know? Some pictures just...don't need a caption.
He is Brian McFayden, and we love him.
10 the hour, every hour
The news has never been so much fun.

We don't care for Lou Pearlman.

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I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Ha ha... 'tis a wee bit chilly, eh boys?
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This site is not meant to offend anyone, these are just mearily my opinions. We apologize if someone gets upset over something we write, but nothing will be taken off this site.