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Dreams (NSYNC) - JC deals with life on the road without his girlfriend.

Happy Birthday, Baby (NSYNC) - JC gets a night to remember for his birthday

How Did I Fall In Love With You? (NSYNC) - Will Justin be able to tell his best friend how he feels?

Itís All In The Pants (NSYNC) - What will happen between Justin and JC because of JC's pants?

More Than That (NSYNC) - Will Sarah find true love after heartbreak? Can JC give her what she needs?

Selfish (NSYNC) - JC writes a song that ends up changing his life.

Something Like You (NSYNC) - JC and his girlfriend take a "relaxing" stroll on the beach.

To Be Able To Say I Love You (NSYNC) - Justin worries. JC soothes him.

Updated 08.11.02

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