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A Star From Heaven (NSYNC) - Arianna and Lance's love is made in heaven. What happens when he leaves her behind? Will they find love again? Will someone get in the way?

After All (NSYNC) - Abigail and Lance grew up together. When he joined *Nsync he left her behind. Will an unplanned meeting bring them back together?

Again (NSYNC) - Justin has gone solo in more ways than one. Will he return to man he loves?

All He Needed (NSYNC) - Lance discovers he has all he needs in JC. (Slash)

Baby (NSYNC) - Justin doesn't like being the youngest of the group especially if it causes to him to lose his best friend.

Blind Hearts (NSYNC) - When Lance meets Cassie, he isn't totally honest with her. Will his secret be the reason why he loses her?

Boys Night Out (NSYNC) - Three boys go out and behave naughty. What happens next no one expected.

Changes (NSYNC) - Follow Justin through his first semester at school, discovering his sexuality and exploring it with his roommate, finding love along the way. This was the first long story I ever wrote. Still my favorite. (AU)

Charming JC (NSYNC) - Calista has always had a crush on JC, and he has always liked her, but will he let their differences in ages get in the way?

Damned (NSYNC) - Lance and Justin are happily together or so everyone thinks. Lance turns to JC one night. What happens next?

Dark Desires (NSYNC) - JC has been searching for the man he wants to spend eternity with. What happens when he finds him and discovers him and another surprise? (AU)

Dreaminís Just A Waste Of Time (NSYNC) - Based on the song All about loving you. Will it take Justin almost losing Lance to realize what he needs to do? (Slash)

Drifting Hearts (NSYNC) - Josh has been hurt, and takes off on a road trip. What happens when he walks into Lance's bar? (AU)

Even Angels Fall (NSYNC) - Josh is troubled by an event that is not his fault. Lance is the angel that watches over him. Will Lance's love heal Josh? (AU)

False Memory (NSYNC) - Justin tells JC that he's gay and in love with him, but JC tells Justin that he's not gay but will always be there for him. Then JC has an accident during rehearsals and gets amnesia with a twist. He believes that he's gay and wants Justin very badly. Justin can't resist JC. What happens when JC gets his memory back???

Fantasies (NSYNC) - JC and Justin reveal their fantasies to each other one night. What happens when JC allows their fantasies come true?

Gone (NSYNC) - Sam leaves JC. Will they find their love again?

Hiding (NSYNC) - The tour is over, and JC goes off to hide hoping to forget his feelings for Justin. What happens when Justin finds him?

I Get So Lonely (NSYNC) - Sequel to Boys Night Out. Lance and JC and more fun.

I Need You (NSYNC) - Kyla and JC are best friends as teenagers. When JC is no longer there for her, what happens to Kyla? What happens to them after a chance meeting several years later?

Irresistible (NSYNC) - Lance meets Justin at a night club and the pull is irresistible. (AU)

Just One Night (NSYNC) - Lance and josh are the happy couple, or so everyone thinks. What happens after one night Lance picks up a hitchhiker on the side of the road? Can their survive or will a new love form? (AU)

Kid At Heart (NSYNC) - Easter back in Germany. Lance wants to do something special for Justin to cheer him up. (Slash)

Late Night Reading (NSYNC) - The guys catching Lance reading slash. Will the discovery lead to something more to come out?

Love Heals All (NSYNC) - Kathy and Justin are in love, but things are always happening to Kathy. Will she allow Justin's love to heal it all?

Nothing At All (NSYNC) - With the break JC has let his hair *really* grow out so when they start getting together again Justin has a hard time keeping his hands to himself. (Slash)

NYC Blues (NSYNC) - Takes places on the night of the On The Line Premiere? How does JC feel about Lance and Laura?

Obsession (NSYNC) - Justin and Lance are in love, but no one knows about it. What happens when JC discovers their secret but wants Lance for himself?

One Shot (NSYNC) - Nick and Justin are friends but Nick wants more. Will Justin give him a shot? (AU/Slash)

One Toronto Night (NSYNC) - JC flies up to do a cameo in Lance's movie. Will something else happen on the trip?

One Wild Night (NSYNC) - Two friends go out clubbing never suspecting where they will end up by the evening's end. With Lance & JC having one wild night was not in their plans.

Playtime (NSYNC) - Justin is bored and wants Lance to play with him.

Save The Last Dance For Me (NSYNC) - Lance and Justin are together and Lance understands that no matter what his boyfriend does they will be together at the end of the night.

Something More (NSYNC) - Sequel to All He Needed. (Slash)

Surprise Visit (NSYNC) - Christine has a bad day. Can a surprise visit from her boyfriend JC help make it better?

Take My Breath Away (NSYNC) - Josh sees Lance at the club he works, but Lance is already taken by another. Will they find love? (AU)

To Bring Him Love (NSYNC) - Lance & JC are best friends. But Lance feels something. When will JC notice that what he is looking for is right in front of him?

Together (NSYNC) - Sequel to Baby. Months pass, and neither boy discuss their kiss. Will their talking about it lead to more?

What We Used To Be (NSYNC) - Justin returns home and memories of his old love haunt him. What will happen when they see each other again? (AU/Slash)

You Donít Have To Be Alone (NSYNC) - JC & Lance have both kept something secret from the other. What happens when those secrets are revealed?

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