right, first up we have something from your inside by the ever divine liz. wow. this should be on the shelves. it’s not yer usual cut and paste, which are cool, but this is simply elegant. i know liz puts a great deal of work into this and even i can see that a lot of thought has gone into it. previous bands featured include, here goes, sidi bou said, dream city film club, garageland, linoleum, sapcemaid, laika, lillian, wonderland, long fin killie, rialto, carrie, phoda, helen love, feline, chest, jonathan fire*eater, slinkyhead, disco pistol, littlemink, stony sleep, the genies, delicatessen, gretschen hofner, ballroom, the crocketts, rachel stamp, cartoon, beaker, imogen heap, max tractor, spy ’51 and jolt. wow! there are billions of gig, book and record reviews and liz has a fabulous demo review section too. and she reviewed the ambulance demo, liz, you are a godess, no was the tape, it was the tape!...anyway, i really reckon eveybody should but this, especially as, and this is extra special, issue 5 has a stunning cd with it. and that is a quality package, zine & cd. it’s a showcase for excellent new bands and it features ambulance, jolt and the ever wonderful mascot, just to name a few. more info in this issue and cd to be posted in the future, but for now buy buy buy every issue ever written. unless they’re sold out, it is a very popular publication...’cause it’s fabulous. to buy, send £2.50 (inc. p&p) to:
liz cattermole
62 park south
austin road
london, sw11 5jn

making cheques payable to "liz cattermole"

euphonic fanzine
issue 3 (may 2000) will contain an interview with idlewild, reviews of the latest material from the super furry animals, features on dark star, belle & sebastian, tori amos, embrace/JJ72/coldplay live and possibly interviews with the band euphonic and fiji. sounds promising...

to order, send cash or cheque (payable to Jennifer Walton) and a self addressed A5 envelope to:

Euphonic Fanzine
43 All Saints Rd
St Annes

uk: £1.50
rest of europe: £1.70
rest of the world: £2
take a look at the website

next up we have mr screamy’s screamin’ cheese. i have one thing to say. this rocks. paul has a typewriter. how cool is that???????? issue two included; rachel stamp, the beat molls, hirameka hifi, cheetara, and the royal family……and hey, even if you don’t like those bands, buy screamin’ cheese anyways just for the typewriter and general layout. cutpastecutpastecutpastecutpaste, that’s the sound of, er, cutting and pasting, that is. yeah. i like.

19 sandhurst road
london, n9 8ba

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