All About Me!

Name: Miss Nothing Shocking. ovbiously...

Age: 19

Lives: Sunny London although I'm at Birmingham University so during term time i live in Birmingham in a rather nice five bedroom house with the compulsory non-matching decor. landlords, eh? um, yeah.

Studying: Archaeology and Ancient History. I like to dig things up then arge about them, it seems.

Likes: Music, shopping, playing the guitar, skinny men (my sexy man!) trainers, funky watches, dystopian novels, Belguim, funny people, my job, picnics in the sun, films with subtitles - dubbing is criminal, discoing, taking photographs.

Occupation: I'm deputy head of music at Burn FM (Birmingham Uni radio) which rocks. I'm hopefully getting a show next term. Cue the Belgian Half-Hour! Ahem.

Favourite bands: dEUS, The Junket, Zita Swoon, The Pecadiloes

Favourite album: dEUS- Worst Case Scenario

Favourite films: Being John Malkovich, The Terroist, Harvey.

Favourite actor type people: John Malkovich, Johnathan Rhys Meyers, Toni Colette.

Favourite comedian: Ed Byrne!!!!! edeeeee!!!!

Favourite TeeVee: Spaced. I would love to do a programme like that! And *no* i would not centre it around a bunch or archaeologist students, theanyouverymuch.

Favourite author: Margaret Atwood

Favourite book: The Handmaid's Tale

Favourite shop: The 'Free Record Shop' in Brussels. The CDs aren't actually free so not sure where that all comes from, but it satisfies my Belgian band addiction perfectly.

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