dEUS - the exception, the only time i use capital letters.....

the most wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, melodic kings of weirdness to have ever existed. my favourite band EVER (ooooh, could you guess??) - some of their songs are the most amazing tracks i have ever heard.

the first time i acknowleged dEUS' existence was when watching the video for 'theme from turnpike' on alternative nation - a short film with '...turnpike' as it's sountrack. the pure genius of it was astounding; just two guys walk about the town, (sometimes hurling abuse at passers by!) like the opening credits to a 70's police series, with frames being frozen to flash up the titles. very cool. i was impressed at this point but not quite infatuated - it wasn't until i managed to see them live (supporting placebo) that the love affair began. i remember that most of the audience apart from the dEUS fans were just standing there, pretty much confused but i absoloutely loved it! my sister and i were just generally very excitable and the when the sample for '...turnpike' began we started to, um, show our support in earnest. then brian molko came on to have a little sing on 'roses' and we got squished. charming! the whole thing was truly spectacular and i was hooked. off i went to try and get my grimy paws on anything and everything i could.

what strikes me about dEUS is their amazing ability to combine the weirdness of captain beefheart, jazzy twangs and noisy/quiet bits (there, wasn't that a good explanation?) and then make it sound completely unique. i love their heartbreaking melodies ('secret hell', 'wake me up before i sleep') dramatic riffs (suds & soda, mute) and utter weirdness (middlewave, turnpike).

i met two members, tom and craig, once. it was really strange...oh and tom looked just the popstar in leather and sunglasses, which was rather marvellous, really........then my sister and i got to interview the band and as i walked into the room i was faced by the entire dEUS enterage.....scary.....but you can read more about that by following the lovely links below........

live photos


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