HTML and DHTML Tutorials

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a a language that is used to make web sites. To find out more about HTML, click on the above graphic that way you can get an understanding of what the language is capable of.

HTML Codes

Here, you can find almost all of the codes in the HTML language with explanations on where the code goes. The codes can be easily copied and pasted for use on your page(s).

A Walk Through HTML

Learn how to write the main body of HTML. It does not focus on adding images or other effects in, but explains where you can add those things, how to set up meta tags, and other important parts.

Frames Tutorial

Find out how you can make a frames version of your web site. This tutorial was written because a lot of you had requested it. So if there is another type of tutorial you want me to add, send me a e-mail.

Font Codes

If you want to add different types of fonts to your site, this is the place to come. It has codes on how to change the font colors and font face.

Change The Cursor With CSS

Ever want to change your viewers cursor? Well now you can with the use of cascading style sheets (CSS for short). Do note that the style sheet cursor codes will only be read by the Microsoft browser. Netscape will just ignore the coding and leave the cursor as the default one.

Table Codes

If you're against the use of frames, you can always organize your site up with tables. Tables also ensure compatibility while frames don't work in the lower version browsers.

There will soon be DHTML tutorials available soon.