Change Your Font Face

So you want to spice up your page with your know-how of HTML by changing the font. Well, just one small thing to remember, if you use a font that's not on someone's computer, the font won't come up, easy as that. So that's why I thought it would be important for me to put some font codes on here that are most likely on your visitor's computer. I also included some tags that aren't exactly fonts, but more like text commands of blinking and moving text.

Arial <font face="arial">text</font> Text
Algerian font <font face="algerian">text</font> Text
Bookman <font face="bookman">text</font> Text
Braggadocio <font face="braggadocio">text</font> Text
Courier <font face="courier">text</font> text
Desdemona <font face="desdemona">text</font> text
Garamond <font face="garamond">text</font> Text
Modern <font face="modern">text</font> Text
Symbol <font face="symbol">text</font> Text
Verdana <font face="verdana">text</font> Text
Wing Dings <font face="wingdings">text</font> Text
Blink (Netscape only) <blink>text</blink> Text
Marquee (MSIE only) <marquee>text</marquee> Text
Red <font color="ff0000">Text</font> Text
Orange <FONT COLOR="#ff8000">Text</FONT> Text
Yellow <FONT COLOR="#ffff00">Text</FONT> Text
Green <FONT COLOR="#80ff80">Text</FONT> Text
Blue <FONT COLOR="#0000ff">Text</FONT> Text
Purple <FONT COLOR="#800080">Text</FONT> Text
White <FONT COLOR="ffffff">Text</FONT> Text
Bold <B>Text</B> Text
Italic <I>Text</I> Text
Strikethrough <STRIKE>Text</STRIKE> Text
Typewriter <TT>Text</TT> Text
Underline <U>Text</U> Text

More To Come!