Table Categories

Table Categories

The Basics
The basics of a table. Come here first if you don't know table coding very well.

Complex Tables
Learn how to do tricks with the rowspan and colspan attributes along with newspaper like text and more!

More to come within the next weeks.


Tables are a great way to make your page look more organized. And I know many of you out there hate pages with a frames option. That's where tables come in. You can make your page look like it has frames. Don't get me wrong, frames are great and all, it's just that they can screw up the URL or mess up the way you're viewing a document. Back to what I was saying, tables do come in handy. They enhance the overall look of your sites and organize information. So if you need to organize that huge site of yours, you always have the option of tables. And if you have a frames version and nonframes version of your page, you can add tables to the nonframes version this way the layout is almost the same. It's your choice. If you do decide that frames are what you want, check out the frames tutorial.