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I can take your project or activity from idea through completion and follow-up, a complete "turn-key operation" requiring almost no time or energy on your part, or I can originate and complete any part of the process, and work with you and your staff to build the rest of the process around my work for you.

Successful grant acquisition and fund raising are approximately one-fourth planning, one-fourth research, one-fourth contact building, and one-fourth writing and implementation. Some of the distinct project activities I can perform for you are:

PLANNING. Program design and development, strategic planning, needs assessment, evaluation design, organizational assessment, budget planning.

RESEARCH. Identification of specific sources of funding, specific grant source searches, alternative funding investigation.

CONTACT BUILDING. Funding source contact, liaison, and solicitation; contact planning and mapping; letters of intent and interest.

WRITING AND IMPLEMENTATION. Complete writing and preparation of all grant proposal components for all funding sources: federal, state, municipal, foundations, trusts, corporations; editing of draft proposals for clarity, style, and, impact; standard and electronic submission of final proposals.


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Richard Morgan, PhD           Columbus, Ohio