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Intro to the site:

SA19 is Back! ...oh well. The 19th has disbanded. Enjoy as we head into year five on Salty's AirWarrior Tips

After Art da Fart took the Browns to Baltimore, I soon discovered AirWarrior a multi-player flight sim using WWII planes on AOL in December of 1996. It was only the second flight sim I ever tried. (Aces over Europe was the first). It took me a few weeks before I could get my first "kill" in the newbie arena. I can still remember that first kill.... but anyway. You fly against other people who are online! They could be anywhere in the world!

In Jan. of 1997, I was asked by MSG19, to join the 19th AirWing, a squadron of seasoned "DOS days" veterans, a really good group of guys. Founded by CS19, they showed me alot and tried to get me off of "dweeb" status, (the jury is still out on if they ever did!). As a fellow squaddie always says, "it's the funnest game to stink at!" I've tried all the multi-player flight sims and nothing can compare to AirWarrior! And now with AirWarrior3d, you can customize your play! See the SAC (scenerio aircraft converter) links in the left column.

A NEW addition to the site is the Auction Rover! It searches all the "auction" sites like Ebey, Amazon, etc.! Go Ahead type in F4F or your favorite plane. You will find some great items. Maybe even an F4F pencil sharpener!

The 19th AirWing currently flies in RR. Their CO is OH19.

. The 19th has a "Sister" squad the Groverats. Squad Nightsfor the 19th are Sundays 9:00 EST, and Wednesdays 9:00 EST Join them for a squad night, if you can find em, and you may never leave!! Hopefully they can become again a much feared fighting group!



Is This YOU?!?

Other News:

1st Annual Poll: Do you like the NEW BigPac Map? VOTE NOW!!

Salty's Indians Locker

19th AirWing Bios and Pics are here!

Salty's Browns Locker!

Try your hand at 19th AirWing Trivia.

Air Warrior ace! Mos19 leads all 19th AirWing Fighters! See 19th Top Scores.

Air Warrior ace! KRC(rat) led 19th AirWing bombers! See 19th Top Scores.

3D dogfights! Get ready for the best AirWarrior yet!
This AW WebRing site is owned and managed by SA19

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