----- FAMILY -----
Season 5, Episode 6

Willow: Let's snuggle and drive the homophobics nutso!
Tara: Quite the plan.

Giles: Feeling better?
Buffy: Oh yeah. No more acid tripping for me.
Joyce: (walks in) What is THIS young lady?
Buffy: No more... bad brie?
Giles: Lame.

Tara: Damn. Why can't I be cool and funny? Just because a girl spends the Summer of '96 memorizing the dictionary...

Anya: (singing) "Money makes the world go around.. the world go..."
Giles: Stealing my song now, are we?
Spike: Get yer own line. Already used that this season. Wanker.

Buffy: So.. what should we buy Tara?
Xander: Who?
Giles: Who?
Anya: Who?
Buffy: Reoccuring guest star. Read the script some time.
Anya: She was around last season... I think.... maybe.

Xander: Ah! Donny. Brother of girl-who-blends-into-the-wallpaper.

Riley: Overprotective, much?
Buffy: Shut up.

Riley: I could call Graham for help.
Buffy: If I need someone to scream like a girl, run into walls, and get unconcious a lot, I'll ask.

Dad: You're evil.
Tara: Oh crud.

Tara: (chanting) Ooompa-loompa-doopiddy-doo....
Dawn: Whatcha doing?
Tara: Erm, uh, Shakespeare?

Willow: Overprotective, much?
Buffy: Shut up.

Wimp Cousin: We are women! We are to be weak and submissive!
Tara: You know, hairy-legged feminists all across the country are, at this very moment, throwing large and heavy things at the screen.

Spike: Overprotective, much?
Dad: Shut up!
Buffy: Hey! He took my line! Nofair.

Tara: Ha! In your face overbearing dad-guy!
Dad: Curses! Foiled again! (dissapears in a puff of smoke)

Riley: Hey! Kiss me. Oh, and don't mind the little bite marks all over my body...
Buffy: These are vampire bites!
Riley: What? N-no. No they aren't! J-just an accident with a... barbecue fork. That's all.
Buffy: Oh please. That excuse didn't work in "Innocence" and that was back in Season 2.

Tara: *smooch*
Willow: *smooch*
Censors: *SCREAM*

(The little Grr-Argh! demon head-bangs across the screen)

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