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Lisa Fernandez-pitcher

Lori Harrigan-pitcher

Danielle Henderson-pitcher

Michelle Smith-pitcher

Christa Williams-pitcher

Stacey Nuveman-catcher

Michelle Venturella-catcher

Jennifer Brundage-infielder

Cyrstal Bustos-infielder

Sheila Douty-infielder

Jennifer McFalls-infielder

Dot Richardson-infielder

Christie Ambrosi-outfielder

Laura Berg-outfielder

Leah O'Brien-Amico-outfielder

The History of Softball in the Olympics

Even though softball became a national sport in 1933, it first was played in the Olympics in 1996. in 1996, United States took gold, China took silver, and Australia took bronze. In 2000, United States took gold, Japan took silver, and Australia took bronze.

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